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V-Explosiv vs G4 - any experience anyone

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I currently ski on volkl g4's. I'm considering a bigger ski (V-explosiv,atomic sugar daddy, kneissl tanker etc) for this year.

Anyone out here have any experiences?
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I was toying with the idea of getting a fatter ski myself this year as a second pair for late season crud skiing plus the occasional trip to the big powder resorts. I have had some experience with the G4. Found it was a fun ride, amazing grip on ice, probably a good choice for a second eastern ski. I also found that it likes to pick up speed very quickly, and was a little more ski than what I could manage in bumps or tight trees. I skied the 188 and felt that was probably too long, although I'm 6', 205 lbs. The next size down was a 178. Too bad they don't make it in a 183, which would probably be just right. It sounds to me like you're using this as your everyday ski, and I'm wondering why anybody that lives in the east would need anything any wider than that. A friend of mine who owns a ski shop swears by the Salomon Pocket Rocket. He can ski on anything he likes, and the P.R. is the ski he always brings with him. I've also heard other people rave about them, too. I checked the reviews at Peter Keelty's web site (www.techsupportforskiers.com), and he claims the P.R. was their favorite powder ski. I havn't had a chance to try it yet, but it's going to be first on my list. I know where there are some of last years models that can be had for a good price, and this years model is the same as last years, so that would be a great deal.
Happy hunting
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I haven't used the G4 here in the east, only on my trips out west. Ive been lucky enough to get 4-5 weeks in Whistler during the winter.

I love the G4, just wish sometimes for something a bit bigger for those big powder days. If the explosiv has the same feeling as the G4 I'd get that.

skieast (and west too)
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I would venture to say that for 90% of your powder skiing anywhere out west The G4 should do just fine. If you just happen to get vary lucky and be in the right place at the right time then get to the ski shop early and get a demo like the Sugar Daddy, Big Daddy,or Explosive, Now if you want to get something that is really on the wide side look at the Fischer Big Stick 106.
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Take a look at my comparison of the Explosiv and the 10ex, a ski pretty similar to the g4/g40.

I posted it just a few days ago, August 22, 2002 09:39 AM in the thread, "My first mistake ..."

I've got to agree with Utah49 that the g4 would do just fine on 90% of the days, but the Explosiv is an absolute hoot, and finding a rental fatty on a powder day can be a real PIA, and may not even be possible.

While I haven't skied the g4 (only the 10ex), my 190 Explosiv feels *very* different to me than my 184 10ex, and not just a bigger version of the same thing. It certainly is not a bulldozer (IMHO). In fact, its nimbleness never fails to astonish me every time I'm on them and suddenly remember that they are on my feet. The one thing that Explosivs don't do very well are big fast carved arcs on groomers that are a forte of my 10ex's. You tend to do a lot more skidded turns on the Explosivs if you don't really work on making them carved.

As I essentially said in the other thread, go for it - you only live once.

Tom / PM
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I re-read your previous post and have asked my local shop to get me a pair (of the explosiv's)

The comment about making 3" feel like 18" solidified it in my mind. I love the G4's; great just about everywhere and i will keep them if there's no powder to be had. But the temptation is too great. Now for my season pass [img]smile.gif[/img]

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>...and have asked my local shop to get me a pair (of the explosiv's)...

Congrats. You won't regret it - they are fine skis. They will get you down anything (and in fine style). BTW, I don't know if you follow the discussions over on powdermag.com, but if you do, you will notice that the Explosiv has achieved almost legendary status amongst that group as well, and there are a huge number of posts about people looking for a pair, where to find them, etc. etc..

In fact, if you haven't plunked down your money yet, take a look in the "ski swap section" of Powdermag.com forums, because I seem to recall that someone had a used pr of 180 or 190 CMH topsheet Explosivs on sale for $200, and someone else was saying that skiershop.com & and TP would probably give one of the best deals around on them.

One final comment - The only negative thing I can say about them is that on hardpack they are the noisiest, clankiest ski I have ever been on. You obviously don't need any high frequency damping at all in soft snow, but just a bit of it would have been a nice amenity for the times you find yourself on hardpack. On Epic last year, some guy and I had a good laugh about selling aftermarket mufflers for them.

Tom / PM
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As a skier / owner of the 01/02 V-Explosives and all versions of the Volkl G4/G41/G40's and Atomic 10.Ex's, I would recommend the G4's over the Explosives. However, like may of the posts, I wanted a larger ski also, but with MORE shape than the Explosives. I skied the Explosives for two days in some great powder at Fernie, BC last December. Had a great time on them but missed the shape. I skied / own the Rossi XXX (195) and an older pair of AK Rockets (200cm) which I like far better than the Explosives. I'm considering selling my Explosives if you anyone is interested. Also looking forward to skiing the new AK Pilot Rocket this year. Skied the XXX in the May mush at Mt. Bachelor, Or and they were just great. Also skied the AK Rockets in the mush in China and Siberia Bowls in late March. Just got to have more shape than the Explosives. Just my thoughts.
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I presume you wanted more shape to tighten up your turning radius, but in pure powder, shape, per se, doesn't do very much, whereas more flex will certainly tighten your turns.

I haven't demo'ed all of the skis that you mentioned, but when I feel them in the store, and from what I've seen written about them, I believe most of them are not as stiff as the Explosivs.

Any chance you didn't like the Explosivs in powder as much because of their stiffness and/or you are a lighter weight skier? (ie, and not the sidecut issue?)

FYI, I'm 210lbs + equipment, so I, of course always gravitate towards stiffer flex in skis. This could account for the slight difference in our perceptions.

That being said, as everyone knows, shape is extremely important for carving on groomers, and that's why I always prefer a g4 / 10ex sort of ski on the groomers, just like everyone else.

Since the guy that asked the original question is apparently going to hang on to his g4's, carves on groomers with his new fats shouldn't be that much of a deciding factor.

Tom / PM

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I own a pair of Volkl G4's, I've skied them 1.5 season here. I am putting in an order for a pair of Volkl Explosives as soon as the company gets back with me on info on combined shipping. They will get many days on them as well. I'll post a full review of the two together in the future.

EDIT: Here are a few reviews of the G4: http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...c;f=7;t=000257

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Coming from the east I love a ski that can hold a carve at high speed and not fold up. The G4 more than qualifies in that regard. I found them a lot like my G31's, really like a big GS ski. They're a blast everywhere.

I found the XXX's (which i skied on for two seasons) too soft for my liking, and perhaps a bit too much sidecut. Hence the thoughts about explosivs.

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Oh, an afterthought

I'm 5'10" 160lb so size and weight may not explain all.

I have a personal experience that may explain my love of stiff skis.

Last year at Whistler I jumped into a chute that looked good but ended up being windblown packed stuff. THE G4's just carved right through it.

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Well it sounds like we managed to bring a bunch of stiff ski lovers (myself included) out of the woodwork - grin.

Personally, where I REALLY like a stiff ski is in crud. It smoothes out irregularities in the snow to a degree that it never fails to surprise me. On a soft ski, the tips and tails can be soooo divorced from what is going on in the center of the ski, that all you wind up feeling is the constant pounding of the snow thats almost directly underfoot. OTOH, a long stiff ski, especially one with a pronounced sidecut can give a really smooth ride in such conditions, and lets you ignore all small stuff and concentrate on the big picture.

BTW, Skieast, I don't know I expressed myself clearly or not about the weight issue, but in my post dated August 26, 2002 06:32, when I said, >...Any chance you didn't like the Explosivs in powder as much because of their stiffness and/or you are a lighter weight skier? (ie, and not the sidecut issue?)... I was referring to Idaho Jim not you.

Good turns guys,

Tom "Someday I'm going to try a 201 Asteroid" PM
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Last year I skied on a pair of Rossi Axioms,(183 cm, 130-110-120). The combination of a massive surface area, stiff flex and a lack of sidecut makes this ski superb in pow and crud. A stiffer ski with minimal sidecut will displace the snow in a turn, floating on top instead if carving into it. Don't be afraid of less sidecut; in powder and crud you don't need it.
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In reading and thinking about PhysicsMan's post, I think he is right about stiffness. The Explosives seem very stiff to me and the other skis I like are softer in addition to more shape. The G-4's are about the next stiffest skis and maybe that is why I like the my older pair of 10.ex's slightly better in the powder. the G-4 are better on the groomers however. Guess I cant blame it all on shape.

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