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Originally Posted by zentune View Post

   ChuckT, how's it going? Just wanted to add something real quick here. After viewing this thread, I went back and watched your MA video. I don't know who your ski guru is, I'm sure he's great...but I would highly recommend adding the pivot slip to your repotoire! In your MA vid, you'll notice very little upper/lower separation and a tenedency to lean in to the hill. Not only do the pivots help teach upper/lower separation, they teach you to keep your Com more over your outside ski as opposed to your inside and fore aft balance as well!! Trust what people are telling you here...they aren't the only key, of course...but they are A keysmile.gif



   P.s. I still do pivot slips ocassionally....keeps me honest!


Zenny, I need more time on the snow, as always. If I were rich, I would live in Mammoth for the entire winter. There were (are) a number of issues with my skiing in that video (still). But the biggest misconception I had was that a higher speed created a better carve with more energy. By slowing way down on very mellow groomers I can now feel the pressure built up and a rebound. But I still can't get that sensation on steeper blue slopes. A lot to think about and more work to do, quite exciting actually.


Doing the pivot slips to keep you honest, just like Skidude's engine compression test. I like that a lot.


I've never met "my" ski guru. I don't think he would care to have a student like me, and I suspect my line of questioning or curiosity wouldn't be tolerated. However, I have deep respect for his ideas and what they have done for my skiing. He is actually very well known here and sometimes called the "Mystery Skier" which I find very hilarious.

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Originally Posted by ChuckT View Post
One, I am honestly influenced by a certain ski guru who thinks pivot slips are a waste of time. Two, I can't see the connection in the movements of the drill and the dynamic skiing I am aspired to. 

Chuck, can you do the TFR progression that your Guru suggests? If you can chances are that you can do pivot slips as well, and vice versa. Quite similar foot skills required.

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Hey chuck! Way to stick with it and get some great explanations! No name calling, no throwing in the towel! Very kuul! SkiDude, same to you! Great info! Pivot slips rock, period. You can work on so many small things or change focus on a particular body part  within the pivot slip that it's a fabulous tool for really dialing in balance, rotary skills, pressure management, edging... The whole deal! Pivot slips or some variation of them are pretty ubiquitous in instruction from about level 5 and up at our mountain. After PS's, the next one might be white pass turns. I find myself doing both at some point pretty much any day I'm on the hill.

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