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Freeride skis... DMSS review

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OK, let's start off with the ground rules:
According to the Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard Magazine, and expert is level 7-10, and advanced level 5-8.
Here are their definitions:
5. OK on reds (blue/blacks), struggle on blacks
6. Can get down blacks, but struggle on bumps/off piste
7. Happy on most groomed blacks and easy bumps, but find steep bumps and off piste tricky
8. Can ski all but the steepest bumps and off piste with style except in poor snow conditions or deep powder
9. No problems mate. Can ski everywhere in all snow conditions
10. Professional skier; instructor, freerider or racer.

OK, now you can argue all you want with their classifications, but that is not my point. Based on how they grade expert & advanced, they say the following:
Best Expert Freeride skis: Volkl Vertigo Motion or Rossignol Bandit XX
Best Advanced Freeride skis: Head Monster i.M 70 or Volkl Vertigo G2

That's what I'd like to hear your thoughts on.
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Personally I would make the freeride/expert ski something more like the G4 or V-Explosive (going with the same brand for simplicity here). But that's because I live in Utah - I think their choices are more practical if you're in the East or something. That said, I don't know how you can recommend a ski at any level without taking location and conditions into consideration.
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The tests were in Pila in Italy. They didn't mention the ones you talked about - I guess the Manufacturers didn't offer them for testing.

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As the quintessential mediocre skier, the Bandit XX makes me feel a few rungs higher. I ski better on my Rossi Bandit XX's - still sucks, but better than before, and it's FUN!
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sounds like they inflate the ratings, then deflate the skis.

The Vertigo G2 as a "freeride" ski? Boy, the term "freeride" now includes ankle-locking mambo masters who stick to the corduroy?

I don't agree with their choices or their rating system. Better to trust Peter Keelty. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm a 7, I'm a 7!!!!!!

It's so nice when you find your true identity. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I note your point, and I made it to them last year when I was skiing with them. Back then they had compared some other skis in what I considered the wrong categories. (can't remember which ones now)
Anyway, what I was told by the mag's editor was that they did not choose the categories that skis were tested in. They went to each manufacturer that was at the test and said: "give me your Expert Freeride skis", and the manufacturers were the ones who said which area they thought their skis were in.
So, the mag says: don't blame us, blame the ski manufacturers.

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I've been using XScreams Series with Fritschi Diamars for two seasons now and think they're one of the best sets of gear I've ever had. However, in deep powder or deep difficult snow, in general, they're too twitchy. I've just got delivery of a pair of Pocket Rockets with the new Fritschi Freeride binding and have just had four days out pisting and touring off-piste on Cairngorm and Aonach Mor (26-30 October). These things are unbelievable and make turning in deep snow easy, piste carving fun but more importantly, everything less tiring so longer and further days. I think they may not be that great on real hardpack or ice - which could be a downside for Scotland.
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