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Haven't bought skis in 12 years, need advice.

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Hey all,  


First time posting here, so please excuse me if I make any mistakes or leave out any important information.  I am looking to upgrade my skis which I purchased 12 years ago, and as I haven't purchased skis in so long, I am struggling to make a decision (there are many more options now than when I bought my last pair).  


First let me offer some information about myself:  I would consider myself to be a very advanced skiier.  I can ski pretty much anything on the east coast, and on the west coast i'd say that I'm good on 90% of runs, though I try to stay away from runs with lots of rocks and vertical drops.  I live in New York, so I mostly ski east coast mountains (Hunter, Windham, Killington are my go-to mountains).  I'll usually go skiing 1-2 weekends a month.  However, I like to do at least 1 out-west trip per year for about a week.  When skiing on the east coast, I mostly prefer to soft snow, though sometimes ice is unavoidable, so I need to be able to handle ice well.  I also prefer mogul runs to groomed runs in general.  If the conditions allow it, I will be on moguls all day.  Out west, I avoid the groomed stuff all together and focus mainly on powder runs and bowls, and I'll maybe do 1 or 2 mogul days.  I am 5'8" and weigh 180lbs (though I am built, not round).  


Right now my leading favorite is the Rossignol Experience 98.  It seems to offer everything I want.  However my only concern is I've heard people say that it's a very difficult ski to control.  The reason this worries me is because one of my knees is weaker than the other, and I have to wear a brace when I ski which restricts the movement in that knee.  I am wondering if anyone here has any other recommendations given the information I have provided, or if the E98 is the right choice for me.  I am looking to spend no more than $550 at the moment. 


If there is any other information that I could provide that will be helpful, I am happy to provide it.


Thank you in advance,


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Metsfan -- Review the ratings (here, skis.com, realskiers, etc.) and look for a ski that is "forgiving", undemanding, etc. -- like a low-maintenance spouse.  I'll try to give you some leads, but its Friday evening and my brain is shutting down.   If my memory serves, some "forgiving" skis are: Line Prophet 90, Head Rev 85, Bizzard Bushwacker, Volkl Bridge.  Actually, I hadn't heard that Rossi Experience 98 is particularly unforgiving -- and I think the 88 does well in forgiveness rankings.


Anybody else?  I  mean, jeez, he's a Mets Fan, and the Mets are going to get taken to the cleaners by the Nats this year!  Let's help him out.  

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Time for a reality check.


First....ski width.


You probably ski 15 days a year out east and 5 days a year out west so..........25% of your time in the land of powder. Except, (despite what the travel brochure says) it's not always powder. In any random 5 day period out here you may get 5 days of soft, new snow but you might also get zero. Figure an average of 2 days of new snow and the rest no new. So maybe 2 days out of 20 or ~~ 10% of your time will be in soft snow. A 98mm ski will be great on those days, good on maybe 2 or 3 others, less than optimal after that. Perhaps a better choice in width would be in the 85-90mm range. Some good choices would include Nordica Steadfast, Dynastar Outland 87, Blizz Bushwhacker, Head Rev 90.




There are several factors that relate to this but overall flex is one of the most significant and the Rossi is the 2nd stiffest ski in this width class. If you are concerned about forgiveness, powder skiing and moguls the E-98 may be less than ideal. If you do choose to go for a 98mm ski then a good choice would be the Line P-98. It is easier going than the E-98.



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Thanks for this advice guys, this is very helpful.  I am going to widen my search to 85-90mm and more forgiving skis. Thank you.

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