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Panda poles

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Anyone have any experience with these? Do you use the same length as a traditional pole? It seems like alot of people go shorter.


I see a good amount of them at snowbird. I love the baskets. That is what is really drawing me to them. Plus that they are made locally in someones garage makes me want to support them, but I have never been one to spend lots of money on gear let alone poles.


I have tried getting larger baskets on my current poles but I have not been able to find any true powder baskets, does anyone know where i can fid powder baskets for scott, good or surface poles. Or a cheap pole with such a basket?

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Thats a nice product idea. If my Kerma graphites ever go, I'd look at getting some.
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Hey Guys,

  My name is Tanner "Tansnowman" Rosenthal. I am the creator of Panda Poles. Thank you for your interest in our product. We suggest that our customers select a pair of poles at least 2" shorter than their normal size. This is because of the way the basket strikes the ground. Not only does it his a little lower than most poles, but you don't sink in powder as much with the baskets, negating the use of a longer pole that punches in 18" every pole plant. We have a full sizing guide on our website "Buy" page, if you'd like to refer to that for more info. As for the baskets, they are patent pending "Zero Drag Powder Baskets" and are not available anywhere but through Panda Poles (unless someone is infringing on our patent that we don't know about). We do plan to make the baskets work for other poles in the future, but that may be a couple years out. We still need to buy new molds and collaborate with other pole companies to create adapters for the various pole brands (Goode, Leki, Scott, etc.). If you'd like to try a pair of Pandas out, you can grab a pair for free demo at Twin Peaks Rental and Repair in Cottonwood Heights (3436 E 7800 S Unit and we will be bringing more stock in today. 

Thanks again for your stoke and we look forward to getting some Pandas in your paws!



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Thanks tanner. I really like what you are doing, creating a great product that is environmentally friendly. I am actually getting my skis tuned at twin peaks as we speak.

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