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This thing ROCKS. Our family of 5 is always running out of space in our Grand Caravan and throw in a couple of dogs (my wife shows dogs) and their stuff and it's squeeze city...even with one of the middle seats removed. I bought this thing with skiing in mind but new it would come in handy all year long. It's big at 36" wide and 92" long but it holds 21 cubic ft. of stuff. It opens from either side, has really spiffy quick release hardware that enables you to mount or remove the thing in 5 minutes or less and actually looks nice with the silver top and black bottom. The new Evolution series of boxes also come in 3 more smaller sizes also I believe (this 2100 series is their biggest). I've had it fully loaded with stuff at over 80 mph and could not even notice it was up there. As for mpg I can't really say yet but this is an all wheel drive Caravan thats still going to get better mpg than any SUV would and still have more room to boot. All in all a great and well made piece of equipment that I highly reccomend.
Oh the price... this their biggest lists for $500 but they had marked it wrong and I got it for $450 and no sales tax in NH. Would have had to pay another $22.50 in tax in good old MA.

Jeff J.