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Where to ski THIS year in early April?

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Hello. I have done a little research on optimal locations for a spring trip and was just wondering based on the way things are shaping up now are the usual suspects still the primary candidates for a trip the 1st 2 weeks of April? I am thinking of Snowbird currently but they seem to be a little lower than average this year. What thinks ye? Thanks.
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There's a thread on this topic about four threads down. It has some information about this season, and it sounds like Mammoth might be a better choice. The base has been pretty dodgy in UT, and I don't see late season shaping up that great. 

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Still really depends on what you want?

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This will be the latest we have ever skied, we are usually golfing in early April. I've been to Snowbird/Alta several times. I know I like the terrain. I also like Jackson Hole and Kirkwood. Wild and woolly terrain with good potential for fresh snow.

I wouldnt hesitate to go to Snowbird right now. If things stay on this track will Snowbird have coverage issues?

i'm in the mid atlantic so mammoth might be a pain to get to. How about jackson Hole/targhee? PNW?

Appreciate the insight folks!
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Up at Snowbasin, the base is way down under 60 inches. I've pretty much given up on the idea of it getting to normal now that it's moving into late February. There are rocks and weeds all over, including in the middle of major runs. The snow hasn't been bad, just on and off with long, warm, dry periods in between. Unless it starts dumping for weeks straight, I see the base being pretty low by April. 


I can't speak specifically to Snowbird, but others have commented that it's largely the same - low base, rocks sticking out, etc. Snowbird has more of a chance to get bombed than Snowbasin, but at the moment, things aren't looking great for late season. 

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 Last year was the first time I ever canceled an April trip. I had both Aspen and Highlands closing days scheduled on Southwest, so I could cancel without any fees.  March was brutal last year with temps up in the 50-60's.  Great spring skiing, but no snow the whole month and I pulled the plug on both closing days.


Mammoth and Whistler are both great spring skiing venues, but getting to them can be a Pita. Jackson closes 4/7, but I wouldn't hesitate to go up till then.


Lodging is never a problem that time of year, so you can go at the last minute.  Reno, Salt Lake and Seattle are all served by Southwest.

Book two or three and choose the one that has the best conditions the day before you depart. You have a year to use your flight credits, which isn't a problem for me.

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Maybe Steamboat? Tahoe area? Other alternative would be the Pacific Northwest, which has had repeated multi-foot dumpings.
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Mt Bachelor in Oregon. Base will +100 inches. On a sunny day the summit will be open for 360 degree access. On a storm day summit is closed but fresh powder everywhere and April dumps are a real possibility just have to hit it right. Fun off-piste tree skiing and long groomers. Fly Into o Redmond, Oregon.
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