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01/02 Rossignol Questions - TPower Viper S - XL ???

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With our first snow fluries over the weekend got me thinking about skiing again here and brought a question back to mind that I was kicking around last year....

I demod the TPower ViperS and the ViperX and they were both great. Although I'd like them to be a bit softer flex across the whole platform - preferably without any metal layers, as I recall they both have a layer of metal.

There was a version of the Viper S I believe which was a softer version I cant recall what it was though, and it didnt have the metal layer - was it a cobra line or the cut series (doubtfull).

Or im thinking it may be the Viper XL - would this make sense - although the measurements are different on the XL compared to the same measurements on the X and S.

Basically looking for the exact same ski just a bit softer flexwise.

All help appreciated, Cheers,

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The T-Power Cobra is wider and softer flexing. If there is an easier ski out there, I don't know what it is. Although I own and ski the stiffer, narrower version, I demoed the 2002-2003 T-Power Cobra in one length longer, and it was tons of fun.
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I heard somewhere, not sure where and how accurate that the 02/03 Cobra is the 01/02 Viper??

Thanks for the input.

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No, you've skip a model year or two in there! The way Rossi changes names for its models, no wonder you're confused. The T-Power Cobra is not like any previous Viper - it's wider and softer. Unless Rossi uses a different marketing nomemclature for Canada than it uses for the USA, please trust me on this one, as I've skied both of these at an on-snow trade show last February.

Edit: You may be confused because the original T-Power Cobra was the same dimensions as the T-Power Viper is now. But now Rossi uses the Cobra name for a wider, softer T-Power model.

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Hey bump-me(jeff) Last name start with a K by chance? for 02/03 the viper s, cobra x, cobra s(us model) remain the same as the 01/02 models except for the introduction of the twin deck plate(integrated plate designed for shorter skis and Rossi bindings)and of course new graphics. They will all have metal in them but in different thickneses depending on length and model. Oh yeah there is a new tip profile as well.
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Hey waxman, yup - JK are the initials [img]smile.gif[/img] Did you give me a hand demoing gear last year?? Drop me a PM.

Yeah, I get a bit confused with some of the nomenclature, and the US Rossi site seems to be a bit different than the Canuck one, though not by much.

Thanks for the info on the 03 lineup - so are they continuing with the (L) designation for lighter skiers -ex TPower Viper XL, Bandit XL... just wondering how the Viper XL would differ from the Viper X in construction.

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I looked the Viper XL up in a Skiing magazine from last season and they said it is the Viper X minus a layer of metal. Personally, I love last year's Viper X (I own a pair) and I'm sorry to see it gone. My son worked at a demo shop in Tahoe that carried Rossi, Salomon & Volkl and the Viper X was the staff's favorite for groomed snow.
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I am looking for a short carving ski for the east coast and trees, these Rossi's have my interest. I ski on Atomic 10.20 in 170(last years) and wonder how much I might drop down in size. The Cobra sounds good to me. Any ideas?
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I posted this earlier in the Gear-General forum, but thought some of you guys might have some good feedback for me:

I have a chance to buy the '03 T-power Viper S with Axial Power 100 bindings. The package price would be $699 Canadian (about $450 US), all inclusive including taxes. Any inputs as to whether this is a good deal. I'm guessing it is, as one of the local shops quoted me $650ish for just the skis....


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