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Narrow foot models?

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My youngest grown daughter has an 8.5 narrow foot size. She has always had trouble getting a street shoe size to fit her narrow feet. SO: can you folks suggest some ski boot models that run towards the narrow side of the street? Thanks...

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most companies make boots in 95 or 98mm lasts/shapes.   they might be marketed as a "race" boot, but dont worry,   its just marketing.  boots that fit your feet can be used anywhere on the mountian.

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As Dave said most companies make a narrow boot on their race range, work with your boot fitter to get the closest fit and then get the most suitable flex for her skiing and body weight, it is of course possible to make a stiff boot softer, but some of the youth race boots are pretty soft anyway, Atomic for example offer a 95mm fit in 70, 90 & 110 flex before you hit the stiffer stuff, head offer a 93mm shell in a 100-110 boot called the Raptor B5.... BUT you need to work with the fitter to get the right one (if either of these are even close)


you will need a boot fitter who is used to dealing with race models as a bit of additional knowledge in making adjustments will go a long way to getting her into a boot that works well for her skiing and more importantly her feet


good luck getting her sorted

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