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Rocker2 122 and obSETHed

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Hey guys
Im going to buy myself a pair of offpiste ski.
I've narrowed my choices Down to 2 pairs of skis.
Could somebody Tell mé a bit about the differences in theese 2 skis?
 k2 obSETHed 189cm
Salomon rocker2 122 185cm
Thank you :)
EDIT: I've also been considering the atomic automatic, but i Can only get Them in 193 cm, which i Think Will be a little to long
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What's your size? Where do you ski? 


I wouldn't discard the Auto 193, they should be pretty close to the Obsethed 189cm. K2 are big skis for their size usually (Comback  167 is the same size, if not longer than my P98 172). But reading from Blister what they say about both Auto 186 and 193 it might really not be the best choice to size up, but I wouldn't discard it just yet.


Tell more a little bit about you! :-) That might help people to help you :-)

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Yeah, im sporty about the poor information :)

Im 190cm but only Weight 73 kg.

Im 21, and ben skiing my whole life. 25+ weeks

im looking for a prettty versatile off piste ski. It Will be my only off piste ski, so it has to go with deep powder, hard windblown snow, almost ice etc.

i dont ski switch, but love drops.


I ski in Europe 


i Think thats all information :)


mayby the K2 sidestash Would be a good ski? Or atomic atlas

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you said off piste... so something like 110 underfoot should be good and also handle fresh snow really well. I wouldn't go for the obsethed or rocker2 unless this is a powder specific ski and you also have something else, otherwise I would keep things in the 100-110 range

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The problem is that i Can get the rocker2 122 Really cheap including bindings. (Friend of mine is selling Them)

you sure the Wong work, does 1 cm Really do that Big of a difference?  :)

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that's another case then! :-) Really cheap including bindings... you might not wanna pass the deal! You probably won't go wrong, just won't be as versatile as a narrow ski! Size on both Rocker and the K2 seems good for your size!


I would probably go for the Obsethed if it was me, assuming you also have a pretty good deal on them!


here is a good review for the Obsethed that's worth reading



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