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Is 193 too long?

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Hello, i have been trying to find a powder ski for a long time now, i really like the Nordica Patrons, heard great things about them, but I'm cheap and have not bought them yet. I found a GREAT deal on them with griffon bindings, hes practically giving them away brand new. The problem is there 193cm long. I'm a pretty big dude 5'11 215 pounds, would these be to way long for me?

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It depends on what type of skier you are & what you like to do.  If you like to ski slow in tight trees, they may be a bit long.  I ski on a 188cm Rossi Super7 in fresh snow.  I am 5'10", 160lbs & have never felt that they were too long.  5cm on a tip & tail rockered ski is not a lot, they will probably be great if you are an advanced level skier.


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Not even a little too long.



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I agree with the others. I own the twin of that ski (Unleahed Hell) in the same length. Although I am taller and a little heavier, it does not ski long. I think is is a great ski by the way.
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As long as you are a decent skier they will be great.

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For an upper intermediate skier or higher, the length is absolutely correct for your height or weight.


However, this is a pretty burly ski. I'm a little hesitant about recommending these to somebody who has not driven them as a "first powder ski" as they are not one I consider to be terribly forgiving.

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Well, since I'm the office contrarian, I'll argue that the length - 13 cm over your head - on a moderately stiff ski without a lot of splay is going to make your first powder ski interesting in tight spaces or bumps. Doesn't matter if you weigh 400 lbs, your ability to pressure the tip of the ski is a function of your height relative to the ski length, not your weight. Which will help you flex the middle of the ski. So if you're a neutral stance skier, like to let the ski do the work, and prefer open spaces, it'll be fine. If "no" to any of the previous three, get a Super 7, which will be cheap soon.

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