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Hot wax scrapping

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I have a stupid question - when you scrape from tip to tail, I understand the correct way to scrape is  like this..../ >  and not like this ...\ >.


But why and and what if you do the wrong way?

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It just works better if you pull the scraper that way (lean the top of the scraper toward the direction you're moving it, rather than away from the direction). Probably no other reason that I can think of, Scavenger. Tuning really isn't the secret black art that many make it out to be. All you want to do is scrape the wax off to a very thin layer--really just leaving the wax that has saturated into the base--without damaging the base itself. Use a good, sharp plastic (not steel) scraper (keep it sharp by scraping its edge flat on a sharp, clean file). Go ahead and experiment with scraping techniques and use whatever works best for you. No magic!

Better yet, after ironing in the wax and while the ski base is still warm, put a layer of shop towel or similar absorbent material between the iron and the ski and give it one more slow, steady ironing. The towel will absorb excess wax and pretty much eliminate the need to scrape entirely. Give the ski a good brushing to finish the job, and leave your scraper in your tool box! Saves cleaning up wax scrapings, too.

Best regards,
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Originally Posted by Scavenger View Post

I have a stupid question - when you scrape from tip to tail, I understand the correct way to scrape is  like this..../ >  and not like this ...\ >.


But why and and what if you do the wrong way?

hahaha..  I ALWAYS do this ..\ > for the first several passes simply because it shaves deeper and takes fewer strokes. I could see damaging the base if you're not careful, but don't recall that actually happening.   For the last two I'll run it this way ../ > in hopes that the grain will somehow be faster that way..


After skiing half a run I seriously doubt it makes any difference at all which way you held the scraper when you scraped as long as you did scrape most of it off..

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I can't imagine why the angle of the scrapper matters at all. It may be more efficient one way or the other but it won't affect the skis. I find I prefer the conventional way /.> but I've tried the other and didn't find it made much difference. I'd use whichever feels better.

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Thank you all for the comforting reply. Cheers.

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My thoughts are that the concern on which way the scraper is leaning, isn't near as importan as where you are putting pressure on the scraper.  The scraper pointing fore or aft is fine but if you are applying too much pressure to the center of the scraper, it will bend and at the apex of the bend, you will dig deeper.

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Only reason I can think of is pushing tend to make stuff dig in, but unless you are a 500lb gorilla it shouldn't be a problem.
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if you scrape tail to tip your bindings will come loose and the top sheet will delaminate. Oh, and the core rots, too. Don't try, it did, once...

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Well, there is a slight difference as the acute angle pushes/compresses the wax into the ski as it scrapes.   If you ever packed grease into wheel bearings or ever caulked something, or did drywall/mud work, the action is similar to the tool actions you use in those tasks.  So you're squeezing the material into the substrate; versus just squirting grease/caulk on top and scraping away the excess..

Compared to the obtuse angle which just shears away the top (and already mentioned, potential for gouging)



Agree that it probably doesn't really make difference, the fact that you waxed at all is the most important part.   Do whatever most easily gets the unneeded wax off.

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If you are holding the scraper at a 45* angle, it's a 45* whether you are pushing or pulling. No big deal.



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I think's he's talking about if you hold it at 45degrees, versus 135degrees.

So the debate is if you go like a chisel, or do you go like a paintbrush(or knife spreading butter/scraping toast).   

Agree that the push/pull is even less of a quibble than this quibble.

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