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Sad news, sounds like Dynastar will not be bringing back it's full-on pure Mogul ski for the 13/14 season.

With less than 100 pairs imported into the USA it just must not be worth the factory's while to keep producing them. Sister company Rossignol already pulled the plug on pure bump skis a couple years ago. At the core of the Twisters design was the fiberglass "Leaf Spring" construction which gave this ski it's snap and pop. At 98-66-85 it was still a narrow ski by today's standards but wider than the old Dynastar Verticals. The Twister comes in three sizes 168,175, and 182. If the Twister does make it down for breakfast next season it may only be in one or two sizes. I wish we had more than 4 pairs in our ski rack. Let's hope for the best.