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Research Dynamics?

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I have before me two pair of Research Dynamics skis, made in Slovenia. I can't find anything about them online, has anyone here had experience with them?

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The last years of RD were back in the late 90s. They were built in the √Član factory which at the time was the most advanced ski and board factory.

The quality of build was exceptionally well.

There were only a few models made. There was a lower level carver, high end carver, and a wide powder ski.

I believe that the high end carver was called the Bad Dog. It was a very grippy ski that turned very tight. One of my friends used a pair as a cheater giant slalom ski.

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Thank you, thank you. I picked them up in a thrift store, one set new in plastic. Coyote All Mountain Tele 190s. Bought the other set for the bindings but I'm afraid they don't fit my boots well. Glad I tested the fit before I swapped them over.


The other pair came in a ski patrol sleeve. Coyote SLX 195s with Look HP199 bindings. After reading a little about the HPs, I think I'll wait for a better set of bindings to come along before I drill.

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