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Another "pick my skis" thread

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Hi Everyone.


So as the title says, I could use some input on a ski selection. First a little background: Like a lot of others that Ive seen recently, Im a oldie that is getting back into the sport after several years off the mountain. In my prior life, I skied ancient K2 something or other, circa late 80s/early 90s. They did well for me until probably about 2000/2001 or so, when I stopped skiing due to lack of funds for a broke college student and the quickly inflating lift ticket prices.

Fast forward to today, I now have some more disposable income and a few new friends that are into the sport, so I want to jump back in. I recently bought a pair of boots and now need some skis before I head up to the Whites in NH next week. In my younger years, I had no problems hitting probably 90% of the terrain around here in New England, mostly groomers, but did enjoy hitting the glades as well, so I would consider myself low advanced, but probably, as of today, intermediate to advanced, mostly because of my out of shape legs


Anyway, on to the skis. I went shopping around two local shops this week and here are several choices that they showed me. These four are the ones Im looking at for no other reason than inventory in the price range I was looking at (around $500 or so)


Soloman Rocker 90 - $500 w/o binding

Nordica Transfire 78 - $580 w/ bindings

Scott Crusade - $500 w/o binding

Atomic Smote TI - $599 w/ binding


What can you all tell me about the above and which one would YOU buy if you skied 80% on slope 20% off. Knowing that Im coming from ancient straight boards, any of the above would be 1000 times better than what I skied on in the past and, really, if I picked one over any of the others, I would probably not even know if I picked a shitty one.

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I cannot speak to the Scott model but any of the other three would be fine The Nordica Transfire and the Atomic are more groomer oriented and will offer better grip on hard snow. OTH, the Salomon is not bad at all on firm snow but is really good in mixed or shallow soft conditions. Choice is your priorities. The Salomon will probably run about $700 w/a comparable binding.



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