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My name is Suzanne, a backcountry enthusiast and organizer of an upcoming epic hut trip, and looking for a few to join!  
A 6 day / 6 person hut trip to Carl's Cabin (private) and Peter Estin (communal) March 17 - 22.  This trip isn't for the faint of heart.  It will require a 7 mile skin into Carl's Cabin where we'll spend 3 days there touring.  On Wednesday, 3/20/13, we'll make the 9 mile tour to Peter Estin and leave Friday, 3/22/13 for another 7 mile skin out.  Its a looped route and known to have great backcountry skiing right out their front doors.
As for the group, there are two woman and two men, none are couples.  We would like to keep the male/female ratio even with the remaining two spots.  We are 34-42 yrs old who like to work hard, eat good food and enjoy a cocktail or more after a hard's day work.  2 of the 4 are backcountry savvy with the other two competent.  This is not a guided trip.  You would need take full responsibility for yourself along with being a team player.
We are currently researching Sherpa services to deliver supplies to the Peter Estin hut.  Rates are estimated at $50 per person.  The cost below includes this.  Carrying 6 days worth of supplies can be excruciating and well worth the extra $.    
Ideally we are looking for the following:
1 male
1 female
advanced skier/snowboarder
no snowshoeing
Avi Certification preferred not required
Third+ trip into the backcountry
Backcountry competent+
Below are the details:
Trip Dates:  3/17/13 - 3/22/13
3/17/13 - 3/20/13: Carl's Cabin (Private)
3/20/13 - 3/22/13: Peter Estin Hut (Communal)
Cost is $263 per person
Let me know if we should count you in.  If so, I'll send you a PayPal payment request to secure your spot.
It will be a memorable great trip!  Hope you can make it.