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Sizing and fit questions - Dalbello vs Lange

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Hello All,

Having spent some time with two bootfitters, I have narrowed my search down to two models, and need so reassurance on which one to choose.


Boots in question are the Dalbello KR2 Core and the Lang RX100 LV.


The Story here is that the first pait of boots I bought were beginners, 70 flex with a 104mm last in a 28.5.  They are comfortable in terms of length, but way to big in terms of volume and a bit too wide - kind of sloppy.


Now I am looking to get into something with 100-120 flex, a narrower last and overall less volume.  The Dalbello's and the Lange's are good options for this, but I have run into a challenge. 


I tried the Dalbello's both with the regular liner, and with the ID (intuition) liner.  I have to say that the intuition liner made it feel a bit bigger/ not fit as well, and it felt like it had too much volume in the forefoot area.  The regular liner felt great, fit tight, and maybe even needed a punch out in the forefoot area. I tried both the 28.5 and the 27.5 based on recommendations - the 27.5 was impossible to stand for more than a few minutes.


The Lange's in a 27.5 seemed to fit pretty well, nice and snug, would definitely need a punch out by the pinky toe and the big toe needs some extra length.  I am concerned that it is loose at the top of the cuff, and that it might be too tight after the first couple of runs.


It is important to me to be able to ski in this boot all day.


I am not sure which way to go here.  Get the Lange's and punch out the correct areas and have the tightest possible boot that may be unfomfortable, OR, but the dalbello's with the regular liner, OR buy the Dalbello's with the intuition liner and hope that after it is molded it will be great (which is coincidentally the best deal in terms of $$)


The Lange seems logical since you want the tightest fitting boot possible, but I did feel that the Dalbello's locked the heel in better.  Also, to note, I felt that the Dalbello's would be a better option because they are so adjustable (forward lean adjustments, etc)


Thanks all!

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i am guessing that you have tried these two pretty different boots with two different boot fitters so cannot compare them directly at the same time.... the biggest problem is that none of us can see your feet, both are great boots in their own rights but as to which one is right for you no body on here can tell you as we do not have your feet in front of us.


you have given us lots of boot stats but nothing about yourself, it may also be worth reading the wiki at the top of the forum "which boot will work for me" and doing a shell check.... armed with that information and some help with your boot fitter you should get the right thing

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