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Twin Tipper

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Hello all
I was wondering, i recently discovered a new world of slopestyle. I just need to know what kind of ski would best suit me. I am a six footer, 180 pounds, and i used to be a racer. I currently own atomic 9.18, and they were actually pretty good in the park. Please place your suggestion, opinions mean everything
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The one word answer to your inquiry is this: DEMO! Get out on as many twin-trips as you can, but definitely try the Salomon 1080 [img]smile.gif[/img] and the very fat Pocket Rocket . I don't hang out in the terrain park (too afraid of getting hurt ) but I find that twin tips work all over the mountain and just seem to have more fun built into them than other skis. Or maybe it's just me...
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As mentioned, trying stuff out is best. However, it is worthy to note that no park skis will match the all-mtn performance of your 9.18's. Unless you plan of riding/landing fakie, all-mtn skis are fine. Next year, twins have a focus of wider waists, with 75 to 80-mm being the trend, which should help anyone land their airs better. Currently, I use Dynastar Concepts when I want to ride the pipe and really abuse myself with big air and spinning, otherwise, my Bandit XX's work fine, and can even handle fakie landings with the turned up tail.

I will be looking into a 1080 for next season, as it is rumored to be fatter and a bit stiffer than previous incarnations.

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Thanx a lot, skiing is a multi hundred dollar investment, and trying them will be key. I recently tried 1080s in the park, and i was very satisfied. I never tried them in powder tho. Now as most ppl know, the 9.18 is an awesome all mtn carver, but, keep it away from powder, way too thin. And i do believe the new 1080's are gonna be 5mm wider, 80mm in total. Thanx for ure help
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