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The 2013 Mid-Atlantic Gathering (Almost) Live Trip Report

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So I got an idea the other day to do a semi-live trip report here. I know there is wifi in the lodge at Blue Knob and I think there is passable cell service. I'm planning to be there first thing Friday morning so I figured I would do a live Trip Report (mostly pictures) of our gathering. My plan is also to live Tweet some of the gathering with meet up information and pictures so make sure to follow EpicSki on Twitter (see the link in my signature). 


First post should be up tomorrow as I start my way out towards Blue Knob. 

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Here we go! Car is packed and I'm headed in the general direction of Blue Knob.
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Man...that's a long drive from Costa Rica, isn't it?



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He's a really good driver

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Must have a turbo....

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Especially as my wheels down there is a bike.

I got back to Pennsylvania last Monday for a month. Just forgot to update my forum profile.
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The pork has been rubbed. biggrin.gif

Should be nice and tasty by Saturday's lunch!!
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Hey Jim, I'm eating BBQ rubbed pork, yinz kin eat the weenies.biggrin.gif.

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(Inside joke for Bucco fans) Just don't eat the green weenie.

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The BBQ is for once it goes in the slow cooker (tonight). Pork is rubbed with chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Mmmmm.
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We got chicken salad sammiches for the road.  Nothing in my inbox at the moment.  Out of office assistant set to engage at 10 am if I'm still clear,  Only stopping for gas and bio needs once we hit the road..   Chance has his jacket on and is standing at the door haha..

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I told him to prepare to get wet skiing.  He's down for it.  My kids will go play in sneet and rain for hours then come in, dry off, eat, then go back out over and over.  Fantastic to have the houses given these conditions.

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We now officially have a gathering! Marznc and NJskier162 have joined me in the lodge. Going to be making our first runs in a few minutes. Just waiting to see if anyone else arrives and unpacking gear.
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I am sitting in my office and wishing to be there with all of you guys making turns!  Have a good snow! 

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And keep them posts coming! Crgildart, did you bring your concealed weapon alone for the road trip? wink.gif

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This thread is actually a really cool idea.


As I drone away in my office it's nice to experience the meet vicariously through here.


Thank you, looking forward to the updates!


(and my stomach is now growling from that rubbed pork above...)

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Sorry all, the internet connection (and I believe the slow internet via Verizon's older cell technology as well) went down right after I got there. I was browsing Epic and posted to Twitter fine when I got there and then the rest of the day I couldn't get it to work. I know JamesJ has some photo's as well that he took, but here are a few of mine as well as a synopsis of the day.


I arrived today at 9:45 AM and shortly there after we officially had a gathering when Marznc arrived about ten minutes later. Then we were joined by NJskier162 not long afterwards. As we were getting ready to go out a few other bears made their way into the lodge. Jimmy and Rickg joined us (broken toe and all for Rick). We then went out and made our first run. All of us seemed to beat the weather to the mountain, but we couldn't beat the weather on the mountain. As we went out for our first run the sleet and freezing rain that would characterize the day began. 




Waiting to make the first run--weather still holding good.


That was the last clear view we would have of the chairlifts from the lodge. Soon a cloud rolled in, the temperatures dropped, and the goggles froze over. At first it as understandable, my thermometer said 29 when I rolled into the parking lot. Weather is maybe a bit warmer up in the atmosphere so we're getting freezing rain. After a few runs, however, the rules of physics began to be challenged. It dropped to 21 degrees--and it was still raining and the wind was picking up to probably around 20 miles per hour. It was now what we would classify as cold. Now visibility at Blue Knob is often an issue at the top of Blue Knob. It can be cloudy and usually the wind picks up toward the top of the chairlift. Now add in that you goggles have a layer of ice on top and visibility is, well, not much. I finally realized that my gloves were going to do no good in clearing my lenses and resorted to using the handle of my poles. That worked for a time, but eventually my poles froze over too. In fact my entire body had a sheet of ice over it:






Despite the low visibility and chilling lift rides, the day was quite enjoyable. Even with the freezing rain the slopes were in great shape. Some of the blues had a bit of scraped over terrain, but the blacks were mostly in great shape. The top of Stembogan was icy but certainly skiable. Upper Extrovert looks to be boiler plate, but I think Lower could be open tomorrow. We had a total of eight people skiing today I believe. Myself, Marznc, NJskier162, Jimmy, JamesJ, Telerod, Mdskier, and Rickg (if I missed anyone I apologize). 







Jimmy and I frozen solid


When it came time to leave I found my car in a pleasant state:


At this point it had dropped to 19 degrees and the ice was a good .1 to .15 inches thick. I had the defroster running on full hot for 15 minutes and even then couldn't clear all the ice. It took a while of driving around to where I am staying 45 minutes away before I got out to get gas and finally managed to break the ice off (and even then there was some difficulty in getting it to break). 


Also I should mention a helmet may come in handy. The double chair has a malfunction that when people load it tends to swing forward and in so doing the safety bar drops on your head. I've gotten to the point of being able to catch it with my one hand now, but it has a tendency to go head hunting. 

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Not enough ullr..

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NJSkier164, rickg, Cirquerider, and marznc

Hanging out in the not-so-Tranquill Chalet.
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A good time is certainly being had by all! :-)

Hopefully tonight's freezing fog will be gone by the AM..
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Originally Posted by segbrown View Post

Not enough ullr..


Think again!


Waiting for DSloan to show us the "sacred rites" so we can open it

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Subscribed....now I need to go back and edit a picture.


Tyler, you look frozen stiff!  I never knew what the meant before.

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DSloan modeling some new gear. Hot Skittles!! :-)

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There has been an official toast to Ullr

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You guys and gals are "real skiers" . Unfortunately Pa. offers this tyoe of weather up too often. I was hoping the weather would be decent and you would have a good outing. Last Sunday at 7 Springs I think in the AM there was 6 in of new snow. Way more than what was forecasted. I wish after seeing your pictures it would have been a week later.

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Hey man, looks like that snow is REALLY good for you =)


Personally, LW and I experienced several inches of fresh along with several miles of whiteout conditions.  Indeed, the first 150 miles of our drive would best be classified as off piste w/a large side of turbulence.  The last 1k miles were clean and green.  Hope to ride a lift tomorrow.

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Only one toast? I thought the bottle had to be emptied in one sitting for the snow to come!

Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

There has been an official toast to Ullr

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Originally Posted by Mr DSloan View Post

A good time is certainly being had by all! :-)

Hopefully tonight's freezing fog will be gone by the AM..


Originally Posted by Mr DSloan View Post


Think again!


Waiting for DSloan to show us the "sacred rites" so we can open it

Nice to see you poking in to contribute the sacred rites!

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Woke up this morning to some bitchen looking hoarfrost.

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Upper and lower extrovert are listed as open for today should be interesting
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