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Hey Everyone,


Just joined the forum and have a few questions/opinions on the K2 Recoil 2012. I am 5' 9" and weigh 170. I started skiing when i was 5 or 6 and skied for 10 years and stopped at 15 for another 10 years. I picked it back up 4 years ago and have always rented skis and boots. I would say i am an intermediate/advanced skier who has always skied on east coast from greens to diamonds in vermont. I just bought the the K2 Recoils as my first ski in 175cm length and 121/90/115. I only do goomers and powder when it snows and dont do any jumps or rails. I just want to make sure that i made the right choice as these skis look larger then they are. I will continue to ski northeast and i am taking a trip out to Squaw Valley next month and that is the reason i bought these skis. Any feedback or opinions are welcome. Thanks for your help in advance!