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Ski shopping during summer

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Hello all!
I basically am just asking for some advice towards ski's I plan on buying. Right now I am skiing viper x 9.3's with Marker SC bindings.
Anyhow since summer is here I am thinking I would like to get some new skis and a great deal.
I am 6' and 165 lbs. My vipers are 191's but I have considered going a little shorter on my new skis. I am looking for an aggressive advanced ski and am highly partial to rossy and salomon. I have been reading reviews but just not sure and wanted to know what people might suggest. Also, I am skiing in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah pretty much.
Thanks everyone..i know this might seem like a lame post but i just would like to see some of the suggestions i get about skis. thanks
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If you ski pow a lot, or chopped crud, take a look at Rossi XXX or Volkl G4's. Both are great skis, and I own the G4's myself. Both take a lot of skill to ski as well. Consider a Salomon Scream 10, Rossi XX or Volkl G3 for more varied conditions. If you have good luck with Marker bindings stick with them, but I switched to Rossi/Look a few years back and have been happier.

Check out your local mountain pro shops. I have found great deals on skis in the summer at Snowbird, easily getting gear for well over 50% off!
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Thanks for the reply! I will start doing a little research on the Volkl g4/g3. Last night I was checking out the salomon scream 9. I have been reading a lot of reviews on it and there seems to be some mixed opinions but most seem positive. Seems like the 9 would have a terrible time on the pack at sun valley..but would really enjoy targhee. Thats where the base of what i am looking for begins..It must be great at a resort like targhee..champagne powder..but also be able to fly down the pack of sunvalley. As for skiing decently..I think I do I am 19 years old and have been skiing since i could walk. I like to consider myself an aggressive-advanced skiier. I love my viper 9.3's(probably because i haven't ridden anything else in awhile!) But I think it might be time for a new ski..
Thanks for your thoughts!

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Are you a more aggressive skier,or relaxed? I did some demoing this past spring and for a wider powder ski. The Atomic 10EX now called the Rex was a Blast but it's great on groomed fun in spring soup All around I liked it a lot. However My top choice would be the Fisher Big Stick 84. What a fun ride! The Atomic has a higher speed limit. But the Fisher makes up for that on the Fun-O-meter. I have never demoed the new 2001/2002 Rossi Bandit II But those that have a in love with it. If your a Rossi fan You could'nt go wrong with ski. all the reports on it say it is a Great all Mountain ski. Also look at the K2 Axis X or Axis Pro if your more aggressive. I love my Axis X. Great all mountain ski. It's been my everyday ski for 2 seasons now.Check out the reviews on it that are posted here.
I have seen some good deals on E Bay. Good luck and Have fun Let us know what ski you decide on.
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Utah and AltaSkier have taken you in the right direction. I was able to preview the 2003 skis at Copper last spring. The axis x pro or now the xp was wider than before, but has a great side cut. I found it to be very easy to ski with great response. It liked turning on groomed and packed as well as giving good floatation through the crud. It should be a head turning in the all mountain category. If it weren't for the extra width I would consider it, but I fear that it would be too much for teaching on.
The Volkl V3 and the Vertigo Motions are a torsionally stiff ( resists twisting) ski keeping edge on the hard pack, but some complain that they are a little stiff in the bumps. I enjoy these skis for my all mountain time and teaching.
Salomon XScream 10 and 9 and the pilots are a softer skis in length and torsion. With proper finesse they are very good skis. I enjoyed the turns on good groomed, but I am too lazy to enjoy them on the pack.
Good Luck in your search.
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