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Meet up times, places

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Places to meet, etc.


Sugarbush on Saturday March 2nd

8:30AM and 10:00AM :  Sugarbush North, base of the Green Mountain Express Quad


Sugarbush on Sunday March 3rd

8:30AM and 10:00AM : Sugarbush South, base of the Gate House Express Quad


Mad River Glen, Monday March 4th

9:00AM : Outside the base lodge by the ski racks.  If you're late, we'll just be lapping the single and double all day, and they're right next to each other, so we'll be back down shortly.  smile.gif


Stowe, Tuesday March 5th

8:30AM and 10:00AM : Base of the Fourrunner Quad

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For anybody who does not know me, I'll be wearing my dark blue Patagonia jacket and black pants.  My helmet is adorned with an EpicSki sticker on the front, the MRG "Ski t if you can" sticker on the side and "Ski The East" on the back.  If you see all of those, it's probably me.  Come on up and say hi.


Look forward to seeing everybody!  Northern Vermont seems to be getting into a bit of a storm cycle, so conditions should be great!

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I am now in all black and no longer use my signature yellow Lange boots so I will be fairly inconspicuous and invisible.

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man, i wish i could make this!!!  have fun!

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I'll be at Sugarbush on Saturday and Sunday, but I'll be working unfortunately (I'm an instructor).  I will however be there on Friday most likely to free ski.  If anyone is planning on being there that Friday I would love to make some turns with them.

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The first day my party of three joins the group is Sunday and I don't believe we've ever met any of the people on the roll call for that day.  Do most of you guys wear an Epicski sticker on helmet or skis?  Do you do the red ribbon tied to your ski pole thing?



Looks like the whole N. VT region got about a foot of snow Feb 27-28 with a few more inches coming each of the next 3 or 4 days.icon14.gif

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for me, neither.  Hmmm?

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KevinF and I have EpicSki stickers on our helmets.  But my threesome (Sunday thru Tuesday) will also have red ribbons tied to our ski poles as a small additional identifier.  You can PM for cell # exchange if you want further connectivity.

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I'll be in MH shells - blue jacket, red pants.  Godawful green boots.  No EpicSki logos for me, sorry.  But I'm Filipino, so that might help narrow it down some ;-)

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Mariah and I will be at Sugarbush tomorrow and Sunday.  Looking forward to meeting up.  I have a black jacket with orange zippers and the powder blue Langes.

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Coming down from BTV in the morning, so making it to the hill by 8:30 might not happen.  Will defnitely be at the bottom of GMX by 10, though.



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Slight change to Sunday's meetup.  Getting to the Gate House Express is not quite as convenient as it looks like it on the trail map.  Meet on the uphill side of the base lodge on the traverse between the Gate House Express and the Super Bravo Express.


Also, the Saturday participants have told me that 8:30 is overly optimistic, so meetups will be 8:30, 9:00 and 10:00.


PM me for my cell number if you want.

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