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advice on female race ski's

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I'm a instructor in switzerland and having always normally skiing in the back country when i'm not teaching, but next season i'm going for my degree 1 in the swiss system. for this i need to do GS skiing, i would also like to start skiing on a slalom ski, to really push and improve my skiing especially short turns, but i would also have to teach on it. what advise can you give me on either ski first time GS ski's and a slalom ski suitable for being able to teach on. i'm 5ft 8 and 64kg, not sure if that makes a difference, and my ski boot it a Langs TX 120. Massive thanks.

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Welcome to Epic. I'm not sure I understand if you need to race these competitively, so current FIS specs, as part of your exams, or if you just need to practice on a ski with the general capability of making solid SL or GS style turns. But two brands I've seen female racers here use both on and off course are Rossignol and Fischer. More generally, you'd probably want a somewhat easier flexing model, especially the GS, that might not be this year's Hot Ski for the podium, but will take care of your training needs. 

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Generally, it is unlikely that you will need a true GS ski for your training and exam needs but I guess it is possible. A slalom ski is a fine technical skiing tool and many higher level instructors will be skiing on these. Actually, I would recommend a high level "near" race ski such as a Head Magnum or Dynastar Course Ti. Both of those are a good combination of  SL and GS characteristics and should be easily available in Eu. You need to talk to your training supervisor about this.



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Your weight is relevant to choose soft, medium of hard flex pattern.


Also your taste and physical condition.


If FIS size is not a must for your exams, choose a female model. Shorter and softer.


I´d go for a soft one. My weight 70kg my height 174cm. Male by the way... XD




About SL skis. Just remember one thing.


They are massively easy to begin a turn with and therefore they do not teach much.


Depending on your physical condition, skills and style, some of them may have a lot of rebound when pushed hard.


Keep this in mind.



Skiing GS skis gives you a different perspective and you need to make them work to turn.


Specially 27m r ones.


If you are not used to ski long skis or GS-like (fake ones) I recommend you to start with ladies 23m soft.




For SL turns I use a Nava Ski with Vist plate FIS standards.  Handmade, etc, etc


Great piece. Very similar to the Vist Super Front Tre.


I´ve never used a better SL than those two.


Just look for a FIS ski, try to have some runs with it before buying, and compare brands. Do not pick the first one you see.




For GS I need to change my "old" Vist GS. 180cm long old FIS standards 21m radius. Also Vist plate and bindings.


I´ve been told the 191cm model was even easier to ski with. It was named Super Front One.


Unfortunately they are not producing FIS standard skis anymore to the public. Only SL models accomplish standards.


As I said before look for a FIS rules ski. Try different brands, models and choose which one is best for you.



Good luck in your search.



Best regards

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Thank you so much for all the advise, it's a huge help and has given me much more insight as to what i am looking for. with the swiss system it's more about being able to do a course in not too hard a time snd improving our tecnique through race training, so we have a better understanding of skiing to teach. So I've been searching the local shops and found an old pair of atomics which are GS but softer in a 174. If I should get a taste for racing I will switch to a stiffer ski but for the moment I think this one will do for getting the basics and training on.

Annoyingly another pair of ski's, my training and teaching ski, have been stolen!! so now I have to just buy a second hand smaller softer ski to teach on and at the end of the season I am looking to buy a new head magnum as suggested, however will try out different ski's this season just to see and feel the difference for myself.

Thank you again for all the advise,
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