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Odyssey skis

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model: e-max
length: 177
dimensions: 112/81/104
skier ability: ADV.
size: 6'1", 190
where: Mammoth
conditions: groomed hardpack; and spring glop, crud and sweet buttery corn

These skis are made in one size, with the flex "customized" to customer. (See website below for more info.)
I opted for a "3" flex, which is a stiffer ski than my Salomon X-Scream 9's.
The stiffness of the ski didn't take long to adjust to. Just an ounce more thought of "pressure/angle" and they were on edge, and holding on the hardpack groomed before the sun softened stuff. After that, "buttah."
The increased width underfoot provided a sense of stability I haven't felt before and the ski blasted through and/or floated over all obstacles, even coral reef-type gunk. These things were not knocked around.
Personal technique issues aside, they responded in short-turn (managed to finally put a few decent bumps together) situations (Climax and Drop-Out Chute) and grabbed and held true in big turns at speed. A better skier probably wouldn't have much difficulty but I myself would probably opt for a different ski in steeper, icier conditions.

In short, I was very impressed. Had no idea what to expect but think now I'll be on these skis a lot and will certainly be the skis I take to powder. They are light by themselves and are not weighted down much by the Marker 1300 Ti Glides I have on them. While the ski is stiff the width underfoot provides an ample sweet spot and I was surprised a couple times how forgiving they were of errors in some iffy areas.
Looking forward to running these through gates.

Other good thing: picked these up for a (very short) song, just taking a chance on an unknown.



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Thanks for making me aware of the existence of Odyssey skis. I had never heard of them before your post, but they look very interesting checked out their site). I like the idea of the customized flex. How do they compare with other skiis you have used in the past?
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very favorably. i mean, one is initially dubious about coming across skis one's never heard of. how can they be "real" skis if i don't see them in the ski mags and they don't cost much? there are those sorts of thoughts. after reading the affidavits, which seemed pretty reliable and from sources who obviously know more and ski better than i do, i thought heck, how bad can they be?
i loved 'em, plain and simple.
they are stiffer than skis i've been on, and i suspect the maker might be onto something, fine-tuning the flex. at the risk of falling into ski review lingo, i'll say that i felt more balanced than ever and totally confident they wouldn't be shaken in heavier, cut-up snow. also, something i found interesting is how i'd glide right by people on the flats. it could be that the improvement i've made in my skiing coincided with the running of the new skis but i do know that i'd pull back a little on the scream-9's when i got up to a good rate of speed; not with these. i could have added many mph's but didn't as the snow on the cruisers down low got pretty slushy-catchy and i had no desire to get "caught" like that.
i had expected edge-to-edge sluggishness due to waist width and stiffness but no, after a couple runs down, i "got it" and they responded just fine. and the length is amenable to throw-em-around turns; real quick.
don't know what else to say, really.

wanna pair of salomons? cheap?

and people sure give 'em a look when they see 'em.

also, check your PM for added info.

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Thanks for the heads-up on the skis. Did you have a shop mount bindings on the skis or did you buy them with bindings? Are there technicians who know how to handle the skis?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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one, you'll need wide brakes.

i bought bindings separately and had them mounted by the shop i use, the ski tech department at Sport Chalet. in deciding what bindings to put on, i struck up a very helpful and educational dialogue (over the phone) with the guy there. when i took them in, he was very intrigued by the skis and, upon his "flex tests," pretty impressed. he gave me a brief course on ski design, particularly on stiffness/ rigidity and what characteristics he thought the skis might exhibit.
as far as techs (not) knowing how to handle the skis, i see no problem. the maker indicated the toe position for binding-mounting with marks on the skis, so it was just a matter of lining them up. i also gave the tech the odyssey website and phone, in case of questions.
if you call the number, you'll find the manufacturer friendly and eager (and able) to answer any questions you might have.
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Muchas Gracias.

Have a nice summer.
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you as well.
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Thanks for the review Ryan. I have to admit I'm tempted to get a Pair of the odyssey skis If for not other reason they are so damn cheap or should I say inexpensive.Do They have a warranty? Again Thanks for review.
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From their site:

"Materials used -

We have chosen only top quality materials for our skis. Starting with an embossed trapezoid top cap of pearl white FOLICAP, with an original scoop tip design. Inside, you find vertical laminated poplar wood core, bi-axial fiberglass with a hybrid epoxy wet wrap. To complete the construction, we use wraparound steel edges, and a high grade electric blue sintered base material."

For more info, check the website. You can call or e-mail. They'd actually prefer talking to any prospective customers.




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Hey, Utah
You're right about the Odyssey skis being affordable. Check this out:
I'm up here in the Frozen North (otherwise known as Canada) where we have to pay a whopping 58% exchange rate along with duty, brokerage, and provincial and federal taxes. To get a pair of Odyssey skis from the factory in Washington into my hot little hands here in Vancouver will put me back something like CDN $482.40. All these extras jack the price up to more than double the purchase price (US $225.00), but when you consider that the Bandit XX is now on sale locally for CDN $729.00, the Odysseys still look pretty good.
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Well i just sent an e mail to Odyssey. I'm looking forward to trying this ski out next season. I was looking on ebay to buy a ski to use as a rock ski But at $225 plus $25 shipping I really can't go wrong.
Now if this guy really wanted to sell some skis He should just make it a twin tip.Show a bunch of pics of Hot young skiers getting big air on his web page and he would have so many orders he wouldn't know what to do.Yeah I'm being a bit sarcastic with that last comment.Oh yeah also cool really hip,cool graphics on the top sheet of the skis.Yeah Baby thats so rad.....Do people still say rad?
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A follow-up, as I took these skis to New Mexico.

I still love 'em. Held on the hardpack at speed, quicker edge to edge than I had them moving in May, and - this is this ski's strongest point, I think - refuses to be swayed by the heaviest snow. No surprise, I guess, that the ski comes from Washington State.
We encountered spring conditions that, late in the afternoon, on runs where snow had piled into heavy-slush bumps, proved the perfect playground for the Od's. I took them off to the side where the crud was heavy and cake-like and made GS-type turns through and over the stuff. The skis would not be deflected.
Absolute keepers.
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You're back! And still luvin' your Odysseys, apparently...
The Odyssey factory is on Camano Island near Seattle. I called them last spring and suggested they look into making some demos available at Mt Baker for the up-coming ski season (a mere 1-1/2 hrs from my house in Aldergrove, BC). No idea if they are going through with it, but I plan to head up to Baker soon and will check into it then.
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I happened over to his website today. Check it out; updated and the skis have a little color now.

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