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Best Two Way Radios on the Slopes

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I did a little searching, but couldn't really find anything that's recent on the subject.


I'm looking for a set of reasonably priced (<$150) two way radios for use while skiing.  I'd like decent range and a vibrate feature that would alert me to an incoming call.


Some places we ski do not have cell service...thankfully.  However there are times when communications can be helpful.


What radios do you recommend based on your own experience.



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As far as range goes, they are pretty much all line of sight despite the 10+KM claim. If you can see each other it'll work, with trees or hill in between, not going to happen.
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For so-called "line-of-sight" GMRS radios, I have to say that we've had a lot of success with our Motorola's and Midlands.  And we prefer them to our cell phones -- much quicker to use, less worries about losing them.  Sucks to call someone on their cell, forcing them to pull a glove off, unzipper a pocket, pull it out, and answer it, all for a "meet me at the top of the Wildcat lift" call.  With our walkies, it's a lot more convenient (and useable).  Granted, at a 3,000 acre resort, someone at the base may have a hard time reaching someone on the backside of the mountain, but our group is usually pretty spread out so relaying the message isn't hard, and primarily what we're using them for is finding one another on the mountain, so it isn't usually a "base to the backside of the mountain" transmission.


What we find that works best is having a hand-mic.  You can put the walkie inside your jacket, and have the coiled wire run up to the mike clipped on your jacket lapel.  Easier to use with gloves, no futsying trying to unzipper a pocket to respond, the walkie is secure, etc.  I'm not talking about those little voice-activated Secret Service looking things, but an actual handset like a police officer might wear.  They're all over Ebay for about $12 a pop. 


That said, a small walkie is your friend, so use that as your center of gravity on the "which one" decision.   

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Just got the Midland GXT1000 radios - 36 mile GMRS - 2 pack for about $60 online. Really impressed. Havent found a dead spot on the mountain yet - often with ridge, trees in between users, one person in the lodge, etc. Never heard another persons call while usung group mode with privacy codes and never missed a call from one in my group. Definitely more convenient than a cell phone. Also very water resistant - skied all day in wet heavy snowfall and no problems. Appears to be decent battery life.
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