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Product :Kneissl Black Star XC

Length Tested:168116-70-102 14M

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  116-70-102 14m Turn Radius

Camber (select one, delete the rest): Traditional Camber

Binding: Tyrolia Demo Bindings

Mount point: Suggested (boot center) 


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test:Perfect North Slopes, IN

Number of Runs:~30

Snow Conditions: hard pack to slush over two days

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: cstreu1026


Height/Weight: 5' 10" 235 lbs.

Ski Days/Season: ~25

Years Skiing: 22

Aggressiveness: (select one, delete the rest):  Aggressive(Driver)

Current Quiver: DPS Cassiar 80 Hybrid 178 w/ Marker Griffons & DPS Wailer 112RP w/ Marker Jesters

Home Area: Perfect North Slopes

Preferred Terrain (select one/all, delete the rest): race course, groomers, terrain park, bumps, off-piste, trees






I've had the chance to ski the Kneissl Black Star XC for the last couple of days.  It's billed as an advance intermediate to expert skis.  It has a surprisingly soft flex but is still torsionally stiff.  The fit and finish of the ski is top notch.  It seems to be of a very high quality...much higher than a lot of indie companies out there.  It was a bit of a shock stepping in to the ski the first time and looking down.  I haven't on anything this short or this narrow in quite a while.  Instantly I fell in love with how fast they responded to input.  With the narrow waste there was no waiting to get on edge.  I was impressed that for being a relatively soft ski it holds an edge on hard snow very well.  The ski has a nice dampness to it without being dead. I wouldn't say it has the same silky feel that the Kastle MX83 has but did have a nice smooth ride over rough surfaces.  There were some small moguls to found here and there and the ski performed great.  They absorbed the bumps smoothly and without drama.  My overall impression is that its a very easy skiing ski that could easily accommodate a wide range of skier ability without sacrificing much in the way of performance. I think I could be very very happy with a 176 as an everyday ski in the Midwest and I would like to try some of their other models.