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Volkl Vertigo G2

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Enough about the G3, already! I want to hear from skiers who haved logged flight time on board the Volkl G2. Is the G2 a good second choice for those who don't quite measure up to the demands of the G3?
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I am an old book, but my sister, who admitts to being not as good a skier as her brother, selected the G2 after demo ing a kazillion skis.

She likes them, More pop than Salomon x-screams she said. I didn't press her on the details.

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: Vertigo G20 (older generation of G2)
Ski Length: 178
Snow Conditions Used In: Everything from NE hardpack to Pac NW heavy "powder"
Number of Days Used: 50+
Your Ability: Upper Intermediate/maybe low advanced on a good day in the right conditions
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 2
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 60+ yr 1, 30 yr 2, so?
Other Skis You Like: Salomon Super Mountain, G31
Your Height/Weight: 5'11, 210lbs
Comments: I bought used G20's with Tyrolia demo bindings last year to learn downhill skiing on. At the end of last season, after moving back to Seattle from a year in Western Massachusetts, decided to upgrade to Salomon SuperMtns which I used last 10-15 days of skiing last year. I thought I'd outgrown the G20s. I improved quite a bit this year and went back to try the G20's out of curiousity. They're great. All the problems I thought were limitations of the ski were limitations of the skier. That said, here's my feedback. They are kind of slow edge to edge, perhaps due to wider waist width than G30/G31/G3 (I demoed G31 before choosing SuperMtns). They also seemed harder to pivot than G31s or my Salomons. They have a lot of energy/rebound, esp. compared to the damp, limp Salomons. Not as forgiving as my Supermtns, especially if you get weight back on them. Great edge hold, work well on icy conditions, I even ran them through gates at Gore Mtn in NY and they were fun. They definitely have a speed limit compared to my SuperMtns. Not confidence inspiring at high speed. They do well in powder though, perhaps because they have a fairly soft shovel? Overall, I like them now, ski them when I'm on groomed exclusively or when we have icy conditions in Pac NW. Only real problem is high speeds.

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It sounds like your sister may have some valuable info to share. Maybe you can talk her into joining the discussion. I have demoed the X-Scream Series in 178 & 187cm, so I'm interested in her comparison of the G2 to the X-Scream.
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I've seen quite a few tele-WiLd chicks & guys on G2s, and have also heard from reputable ski techs (NH/VT) about the ski as a nice riding tele-ski...a relaxed ride with edgehold.
FWIW... :

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