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EC crimson vs savage

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I am looking for a new EC off piste ski. That means icy moguls, rocks, trees, and the occasional crud to throw everything off. I demoed the crimsons on icy groomers and I loved their edge grip. Unfortunately I couldn't take them off piste. Not even a bump. Today I rented the savage and I got to take them on off piste conditions. Loved how nimble they are. Great float too. For some reason their edge grip seemed a lot worse in softer snow than the crimson on ice. I wonder if it was just the tune of a rental vs demo. Anyone try them back to back? Should there be a difference?

And no, I don't want the mx88...

One more thing. These skis will see a lot of rocks so I want something used, maybe ex rental. I saw some kendos for sale cheap. Anyone have the coles notes on them? I'm away from home and researching on a cellphone is a pain.
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I own the crimsons, haven't skied the Savages, but have demoed plenty of skis in that width, and they are simply not as quick and fun to carve on as 88mm skis or so.

The crimsons will be the better carver for sure, and handle bumps and mixed conditions really well for a 88mm ski that carves well.

can't go wrong. the Savage will obviously float better and handle serious crud better, so it's a question of your priorities. 

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My number one priority is edge hold then float. I don't really get to carve in the conditions I listed anyways. I found the savage surprisingly easy to handle in tight spots. If a properly tuned savage can hold an edge as well as the crimsons I will gladly sacrifice edge to edge speed.
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sounds like you like the savage. have to believe the crimson will handle at least slightly better on groomed, but it sounds like that's not the main point. 

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I have skied both and own the Savage.  As you move through the Nomad lineup the skis get progressively stiffer, both longitudinally and torsionally.  That's not to say the Savage is all that stiff, but it is a tad stiffer than the Crimson.  The Savage is only about 4-5mm wider than the Crimson; that's on 2-2.5mm wider to each edge.  Personally I don't feel that much of a difference between the ski widths.  What the Savage does have to go along with the added surface area is a fairly tight sidecut for it's width.  An 18m radius for the 177cm is pretty tight in the grand scheme of skis available in that width (93mm). 


Choosing between the two really depends on what you already have in your quiver and what role you're trying to get the ski to fill.  The Savage is quite capable even in up to a foot of snow.  It also can absolutely rail on the hard pack with phenomenal edge grip without feeling heavy.  The Crimson is mostly right there too, but feels like a more relaxed ski to me - a bit less demanding, but that's not to say the Savage is a demanding ski when compared to other stuff available.

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I am looking to replace my PEs. I really don't like how their tails act in deeper snow. I am hoping savages will be a good fill between my GS skis and my Cochise... Maybe even go up to my wailers 112.

Another ski on my radar is the 888.
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