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What ski to choose (all-mountain carver)?

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What a great forum!

I'm putting together a demolist and I was wondering if I'm doing this right.

I'm a level 8 skier (I ski 10-20 days a year, I now have about 25 weeks experience), female, 5'6'' (1,68 m), 143lbs (65 kg) and I enjoy medium to long carving turns on the groomers, but want to be able to hit some bumps and crud at the end of the day and do some shorter turns as well. I'm only skiing knee-high powder  and not too often (no more than 20% of the time).  I'm not a very agressive, but smooth skier and like to go very fast. I have a good technique and still try to get better by taking some lessons.

Right now I ski the 2011 Elan Pure Magic Fusion @ 158. I really like the stable, solid feel and edge hold. They really want to be on the edge and carve like crazy! This is what I am looking for in a new ski as well. Only the turn radius is a bit short for my taste and it feels like it's reached its max. And they don't like bumps or skidding.

So I am looking for one ski that does all: needs to be an excellent carver on groomers, has solid grip on harder pistes, have some float on fresh snow and gives me a 'pop' when I go fast. 

I was thinking these for certain:

- Volkl Kenja
- Blizzard Viva 8.0

- Nordica Hell's Belles


And maybe these:


- Rossignol Temptation 88
- Fischer Koa 88

- Head Mya 8

- Salomon Rockette

- Dynastar Exclusive Eden

- Elan Zeal

What would be your, let's say, top 5 for me? I think the list is quite long now and I can't try them all. I already posted this on Skidiva, but was also wondering what your opinions are.

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome to EpicSki!  Always fun to "meet" someone from outside N. America.  Good for you to take lessons.  Makes improving with relatively few days on snow much easier.  Where do you usually ski?


You have good skis on your list.  Note that in some cases, they are almost opposites.  For what it's worth, my experience over the last few years doing demos is that I do not like any Volkl but I do like any Rossi or Blizzard.  Haven't had a chance to check out the Nordica line much yet.  I'm 5'0", 115 pounds, older female, advanced but not aggressive.


Of your second list, I would say try the Rossi Temptation and any one of the others that's available.  Since you like your Elan, then perhaps stick with the Elan Zeal.  Together with your first three, that would give you a broad spectrum.  I think you are likely to enjoy at least one of them.

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