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Another boot recommendation question

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I know that the FAQ say's ' don't ask which boot for me' but I'm going to ask a more general question looking for help.

I'm considering a new set of boots (currently in Tecnica Dragons) while the fit has been worked upon over a number of seasons I have never felt that these are the 'ones' The reason that I was put into these in the first place was the fact that I have a tall overstep and these boots have a generous radius at the transition from the upper cuff to the lower shell. I also have a tall instep (I have custom foot beads) a narrow heal and long and slim calf - so filling the back end of the boot is a issue. 

Since most shops carry a select line of boots (or 2) and will try to put you into a line that they carry, I'm interested to know which brand may be more likely to have a boot that might be a better starting point.


Thank you 


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most good stores carry 3-6 brands and 2-4 models per brand.   something should work.


just about any boot, for any person, will take some work to get it perfect.   to make it up to "the one"  it might start as the .7 or the .85, then the boot fitter will help you make it the 1.0




what dont you like about your current boots.

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Thanks for the response..


what don't you like about your current boots.


Basically they do what there supposed to do..


however just a couple of things..


Cold feet in ski boots (and even in cycling shoes - cool weather riding +5c spring and fall)

I have no hot spots etc - punch, cut, foot beds etc have been done etc. I'm careful not to over tighten the two lower buckles as this will cause issues with the high overstep. Feet are cold (toes) at the best of times (maybe from those pond hockey games as a kid), change socks during the day, warm boots before they go on, thermic heaters installed. Ive had ultra sound done on blood flow etc. If I'm moving in winter boots my feet are fine if there not moving so much (in ski boots) I have issues. But then again winter boots don't fit as snug as ski boots.


More often than not I just deal with it., not fun though.


Mechanically the issue is (I have been told thru sessioning with CSIA level 4's) my lower leg is long and my knee is over the front of the boot even before flexing.  So it has been suggested that I should try a boot that tends to have me stand taller. We have done some mods to the liner & upper cuff to get me taller but I'm not sure how far to modify as how do I answer how tall is tall (statically where is my knee to be fore/aft)

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Your quote:"I'm not sure how far to modify as how do I answer how tall is tall (statically where is my knee to be fore/aft)"


with your COM, "center of mass"(femur and torso) perpendicular to the floor, you want to find the place where most of your weight is just behind your met heads, so sink your knees forward(simulating forward lean) till your heels clear the floor then come back up with your knees until your heels just touch--- at this point your COM is hovering over the boot sole center(a static position)  If you want to, you can do this in the boots with the top buckles and power strap open---if the boot has too much forward lean your calf will touch before your heels---- you may need to have the cuff flared to the rear to let you stand more upright if this is the case.


To get your torso perpendicular, have some one observe you from the side to be sure you aren't sitting back at the hips or leaning forward or back.



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maybe as the CSIA's how it looks again?

really, if you are not teaching, or racing, and just having fun sliding around in the winter, I would not be too worried about it... 


enjoy,  have fun,  keep warm,  (maybe boot gloves, or intuition liners) and remember,  its just skiing

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Thank you Mike.. I see the local fitter on Thursday.


Dave - Well yes I do happen to teach..smile.gif the CSIA comments were made after changes, so additional mods will be attempted but your comments are correct... at some point it is just skiing.

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