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Atomic 9.12's in 150cm?

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Hi. I was thinking about buying a pair of 9.12's in 150cm for all-mountain use basically. I am a low-mid 9 skier looking to improve some subtelies of my carving technique, which I should be able to do at a slower speed on these than my K2 Mach G's require. Plus, I want a fun ski in short-mid radius turns, and something I can put around with my girlfriend on. Is the 150 going to be versatile, or is it likely to lock into a short-radius turn and not have the versatility for medium-radius arcs? Would the 160 be a better choice? I am 5 foot 9, 155 lbs.
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I am 160lb, 5'10" and am 52 yrs old. I ski about 30 days a year. I bought a pair of Atomic 9.12s, 160cm last January. I used them here in Minnesota and in the West at Big Sky, Whistler, Silver Star and Alta. These Atomic skis are outstanding. I have never been happier skiing.On hardpack - endless very fast short turns, driven by a fierce force of gravity. On and on down the mountain. Then 12" of snow.The 9.12s have plenty of area- the dimensions are 115-65-100 and provided surprisingly good support in powder.Another very happy day.I had expected the marked side-cut would provide problems in mogul fields, but again, surprisingly - definately not. I suppose at 160cm any ski would be good in moguls, but there seems to be something about the 9.12 that makes them so versatile.
I previously skied K2 Mod(Axis)X in a 181cm length. Probably 181cm was too long for my kind of skiing. Nevertheless, in comparison to the Atomic, the K2 seems to be a more cumbersome ski.
I bought my skis by phone from a young lad in Calgary Canada. New with 412 race bindings and including delivery - US$502! Exceptionally good value for a January purchase. It would seem the 9.12 will be replaced for the 2002/2003 season with an Atomic?SL9? The dimensions are apparently very similar. I suspect the young lad in Calgary could get you a good deal.
Finally, I believe Peter Keelty was correct in his praise of the 9.12. It is a super ski for those who prefer fast short turns down the steepest of runs. Whether a 150 or 160cm length - I do not know.

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I suggest you buy next year's SL9 in a 150 cm length.
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