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Boot Heaters/Dryers

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There are lots of  boot heaters and dryers on the market, as well as heated boot bags, but I would love to have some opinions.


Ideally such a unit could warm your boots in the vehicle on the way to the hill with a 12v connection and dry them by 110v when back at the hotel or condo.



Which do you love?


Which do you hate?

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I have some PEET dryers that do a fine job of doing just what you mention.


Around here we buy them at Fleet Farm.


Check the PEET website for details.

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I have the original Peet dryer at home, and it is fantastic for waders, hunting, boots, ski boots - pretty much anything.

Is this the one you are talking about?

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I just bring a cheap portable hair dryer in my back pack and heat the shell only. I  ski inin the stupid stiif Head Raptor 150 WC Plug shell with lace up liners, so I have to put the liner on my foot first and then cram the whole enchilada into the shell. I despise putting boots on the parking lot and quite honestly, can't anyway. Sometimes I do put the liners on and warm up the liner with my foot in it before I warm up the shell and jack 'em on!


I would be concerned about my custom footbeds being exposed to any heat source particulalry witrh boot dryers. I have a the large 4 pair Chinook dryer at home that does 4 pair of boots and 4 pair of gloves at the simultaneously with just room temp. air flow. It also has a timer.


so when we get home we put alll of our boots and gloves on it and set it and forget it!


When on a ski trip, I always pull the liner out of the shell,  remove the foot beds and let all air dry over night. gloves are tougher. I ususaly bring multiple pair and alternate days. I also find a microfiber glove liner seems tro help keep my hands drier!

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I've been using the DryGuy Transporter for a few years now and like it.  It's pretty compact, isn't too noisy, and has a timer.  You can dry your boots on the bottom and gloves/mitts on top.  It blows luke-warm/room-temp air, so no worries about messing with the mold of your footbeds or liners. 


I did go through a couple when I first purchased, but they replaced them without issue (defect in the motor for the model version I had).   I've been using the same one for the past couple of years all year round to dry everything from my ski boots and gloves, football cleats, to my kids hockey skates and gloves.  If/when it breaks, I'd probably buy another one.


I don't know if they make a unit that has a 12v connection.  Worth a look though.

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I have the one you reference and agree that it is terrific, My daughter has taken over ownership and uses it for her snowboard boots.  Also have a larger version I use for my ski boots.  Her feet are only size 7, mine are 11.  Have to unbuckle my boots to get the larger one in, the small ones slide in easily.

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Peets/MaxDryy/DryGuys, they all seem to be pretty much the same product, and I wouldn't be surprised if when you peel off the stickers they are OEMed by the same factory in china.


I got a maxxdry set, it came with the stand unit and hot toemales as a bundle kit.  The hot toe-males had a 110v plug, but the wires seem standardized to other electronics I've seen and removable so and you can probably find a 12v plug.  If the drive is not too long, you can also just unplug them and let the residual heat be sufficient to keep the boots warm during the drive up.

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I bought a couple items from this site:


For drying (my feet sweat a bit redface.gif) at home - boots and gloves and have the option between heat and no heat.



and for warming my boots on the way there and/or at lunch or when I take a break on cold days







I also have done other less expensive things like:


Throw handwarmers in the boots on the way there then put the hand warmers in my mittens at the mountain.  I'll also put the boots on the floor of the front seat and let the heater beat on them to the mountain.  Just throw them in the bag real quick, go inside and put on toasty warm boots.


Used the hand dryer in the bathroom to warm/dry them.


Place them in a sunny window at the lodge


Put them over the heat vent at the lodge


The two items I bought from dry guy work great and bought them on sale so it was a little less expensive.  The boot dryer is rounding out it's third season and has had no issues.  I like it more than the Peet (which I also have) because I can chose no heat (heat molded liners - it shouldn't matter by I'd rather not take the chance).  My only issue with the little orange thingy is that when using an a/c outlet, you need to make sure the car outlet is plugged in all the way.  If the little red light doesn't come on, it isn't working.


Have fun,


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I have been using the hot gear classic bag.

Warms boots in the car and Drys em after.

Plus most of my ski stuff goes in it so I don't forget it.
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hot gear bags are great! I have the Ajax model, you can take a look at a review here!


got it cheap at STP for about $75 I guess... I really like them! 


Don't forget heat system might messed up stuff in your boots... like molded liners and potentially footbeds!

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