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You might want to check out the Skiing Mag. Gear tests for 03. They rate skis (unfortuneately they don't test tons of them) with a bar graph with Power on one side and Finesse on the other. A percentage is then given like 60%Power, 40%Finesse. This refers to the style of skiing they respond to. Think Atomic Gs race ski - that would be like 90% power, maybe even higher. A true world cup race ski would be off these charts towards the power side. That means that to get any subtle control over it, you'd have to be driving it very, very hard (i.e. fast) or it would feel like a piece of lumber. At the speeds and forces those elite skiers ski at though, they need the ski to hold steady while flying so they can make subtle adjustments. They are not for us mortals-it's like the difference between your average freshman highschool football player and an NFL linebacker. (Almost no one who writes on this site has that type of ability.)
The Bandits are high on the Finesse side (I don't have the mag here so I can't give numbers but I remember the Bandit X is way higher in Finesse). Atomics tend to be towards the Power side, but it depends on the model.
One example I remember is the Volkl explosive -90% power vs. the Volkl G4 - it might have been near 50/50.

You can decrease the demands of a power ski by skiing it shorter and thus it becomes more manageable but has less ultimate power.

I think this power/finesse rating may be one of the more useful things to have come out recently. (Remember when race ski tests had the flex patterns in them? God forbid we get real info now.)

From oboe's choices, he obviously prefers a finesse ski - the Bandits and the Intuitiv. You might too...


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Thought I'd give my conclusions after actually skiing this ski quite a bit.

I loved it for the most part. This ski made groomers about 5 times more enjoyable...cause I could just open it up and lay some big arcs...It's great at holding an edge. It made MN skiing a lot more fun, and spring skiing a blast in utah.

I only got 2-3 inches of fresh at Alta ontop of some crust, so I can't say anything about pow, except for it did great in the few inches...

It did seem like it was a little extra work in the bumps, but maybe that's cause I'm not an experienced bump skier. It did seem a little harder to kick around on tight steeps...like jump turning.

Hope this helps anyone.
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I picked up my G3's in Feb. I could not believe the difference they made in my bump skiing. I'm 5' 11" 195lbs. and have them in 177cm I ski 70 plus days a season and comiing off of G31's and G30's before that. I find these to be the best all mountain ski I have been on. I do demo a lot of skis. I have other skis that I will use when conditions warrent it but the G3 is my love. Have you taken a lesson lately?
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Originally posted by smithby:
Have you taken a lesson lately?
Nah, didn't pull it off...went to snowbasin the first day instead of alta, and decided against the lesson there...didn't happen the rest of the trip either...

I wouldn't be suprised if it is me, not the skis I guess.
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bicyclekick -

What makes the G3 great on cruisers makes it a pain to many in moguls & steep terrain. The G3 has a more pronounced curve running through the tail compared to its predecessors, the G30 & G31. This helps the ski hold a carve much better especially if you tend to shift your weight back towards the end of a turn. Unfortunately, the tail is harder to break out of a turn and skid. Many people skid their tails around in moguls & steep terrain to complete the turn and to control their speed. You'll either need to learn to ski moduls without skidding your tails or learn to skid the tails of your G3s. Optimally, you'll learn to do both.
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Rio, I have found the G3 to be much better in the moguls than any other ski I've had. I find it easier to ski them slow and controlled, I'm 48 y/o with three screws in my right knee, I have not desire to ski the zipper line. I enjoy natural moguls more then I like seeded one's, the seeded one seem to be to tight, I have friends who say the same thing, but we are all in our 40's or older.
As for wide open groomers, the skis are a blast, they will handle any speed I dare to let them run at, these things love to run...
I find them easy to control speed on steeps, the key here is finishing the turn, and staying balanced like you should on any ski.

bicyclekick, the key to what I'm saying is take a lesson and learn how to stay balanced over the ski. You will be amazed at how easy it is to ski well. Open your mind and do what the instructor tells you, you have to want to do this. Don't go into the lesson thinking your good. To many people think they know it all. We can all learn something. The better you get, the more fun this becomes.
If you can find one, take a two day skier improvement clinic. I did that a couple of years ago, best thing I ever did.

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smithby--ever try the Atomic R11's. Impressions versus the G3
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Yes, I have a pair of R11's in 170cm and a pair of 10.20 widebody's from four years ago 170cm that I use as rock skis. I like the R11's but the G3's have a more forgiving (smooth) ride. I found that out one of the times I changed skis mid run. Don't get me wrong, the R11's are awesome my son loves them, they are realy his. They may be a bit quicker edge to edge but I do better in the bumps on the G3's. I find the R11's to be more like a firm sports car,(old Corvette) and the G3 to be like a BMW. I like the softer ride, remember I'm 48 y/o. I still like to rip it up, but I have found out how to do it smoothly. I find my 10EX's to have a soft ride too.

When the G30 first came out, I demoed the 10.20 and G30 liked the 10.20 but at that time I didn't want to buy the binding. I allready had Marker bindings that came of sons race skis. The 10.20 had a bit more POP. I bought them the next summer for less money. The 10.20 have a demo binding on them, they have been skied by a lot of people, including race coach's. Most people are impressed with them.

Hope that is not more info then you were looking for.
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