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Modern ski for old school skier

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Hey guys (and girls),


My girlfriend's sister needs a new pair of skis. She's 5'4'', 144 lbs and a solid level 8 skier (18 years experience @ 1 week a year in Europe)... BUT, she's the type that learned how to ski over 15 years ago and hasn't adjusted or upgraded her ski style since. Knees and ankles glued together and the occasional ski instructor asking her to spread her legs more (not without risk, thoughwink.gif). She skidds mostly, but the first part of the turn she actually carves (don't mention that to her, please). She does go very fast, though, and loves to get down the European icy and bumpy black runs and once a week a good trees-turning route back to the appartment (no deep powder, though).


For the past 6 years, she has been skiing on old Elan Hyper ski's (see picture below) @ 154 cm. Since she skies quite fast, she keeps complaining about instability of the ski, chattering and wandering tips, especially when the skis are flat on the snow. 





So now she's looking for something new that accomodates for her old school style. The intended use is European groomers (which at the end of the day often turn cut-up, bumpy and slushy). She does like to go off-piste, but that is no moren than 20% of the time. But she would like a versatile frontside ski that doesn't bury itself in the softer stuff.


She skied my girlfriend's 2011 Elan Pure Magics @ 158 for a few runs and she really liked the stability, flex and versitality of that ski.


Any suggestions? I was thinking Rossignol Attraxion 8 or something similar.


Thanks for your response.

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If she liked the Elan Pure Magics, why not just find some of those instead of trying to figure out an entirely different ski based on specs, which really doesn't work very well BTW?

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I know, I tried, but they are very hard to find. But if you know what the current of the Elan Pure Magic equivalent is, that would be helpfull.



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Maybe the Amphibio Insomnia Fusion.  Elan has a ski selector feature on their website so she might want to try that and see what it shows, that's how I got what I did.

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Several comments.


Made better skis in the sense of something a little more along the race lines in a GS cut (IE cheater ski).  If she skis old school the longer turning radius (and longer length) will feel at more at home.  Reason I say this I suspect she may be pushing the Elans beyond there desired range hence the chatter.  Second these are more of a SL cut hence the stability issues she may be experiencing.


Second thing.  Hate to say, this remind her that the stance is dynamic and opening up can be a good thing when needed (a quick lesson could help here with a transition instructor).  I switch from straight to shaped and I now love the new stuff, but it took about the 16 hrs to change (mind you no instructor, but some very good advice from some very good skiers).  BTW I can still ski old school on the new stuff (just to show off and annoy some of the instructors I know wink.gif), but once you start carving the new shape it's addictive.


Good luck and proceed at your own risk smile.gif.

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