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Review: K2 Axis X

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Ski Make: K2
Ski Model: Axis X
Ski Length: 181cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Powder, crud, spring corn, bumps
Number of Days Used: 20+
Your Ability: ??
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: About 25
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 20-30
Other Skis You Like: Rossi Bandit XX
Your Height/Weight: 5'6", 175 lbs

I bought my K2s at the beginning of this season after demoing about 6 other skis. The Axis X was perfect for what I like to ski. A typical day for me is skiing a couple of groomers with my son before his lessons start; skiing bumps all morning until he's out of lessons; and then skiing easier bumps and groomers with him in the afternoon. On powder days, forget the bumps [img]smile.gif[/img]

My first few days on this ski were in the huge powder dumps at Kirkwood and Sugar Bowl in the early season. I've never been a good powder skier (always considered myself a bumper)...until now. These skis made powder skiing completely effortless and as easy as skiing the groomers. The biggest problem I used to have on my straight skis was tracked up snow. I never did learn to make the transition between packed powder and spots of untracked stuff. The Axis X handled transitional snow as if the conditions never changed.

I spend a few days in Canada on the K2s and had some great opportunities to ski powder in the trees. Again, the Axis X handled the conditions better than I ever thought a ski could. I almost felt guilty because they made tree skiing SO much easier than it's ever been. Remember, though, I'm coming off straight skis, so these revelations may be more due to midfats in general than specific to the K2.

I just returned from a week of spring skiing under clear skies and 65 degree temps at Squaw. This is where the Axis X truely shined. The ski transitioned from morning hardpack to soft, slushy corn without missing a beat. I got my first real chance to test it in the big bumps and was extremely happy with it's ability to make short, round turns while plowing through the deep trough slush. Often I aimed the tips directly in the back of a big bump and the skis rewarded me with a smooth flex that perfectly initiated my absorption phase.

I haven't skied the Axis X on hardpack yet (it's been a good year in CA [img]smile.gif[/img]) but on the hardest groomers I could find, the skis held their edges very well. I wasn't impressed with the vibration absorption on hard corduroy but I don't ski much of that so I'm not too concerned. Even with all that MOD technology, I thought my old, undamped straight skis vibrated less.

In summary:

K2 Axis X, 181:

Strength: Versitility; consistency on variable terrain; short turns; bumps
Weaknesses: Vibration absorption; weight (could just be my bindings)
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Nice reveiw I've been skiing the Modx for 2 seasons now and Think it is one sweet ride. As far as the vibration on hard pack. I think you maybe loading the tip to much. to get that ski to turn you don't need to pressure The tip at all stay centered and just roll the ski on edge and let the shape of the ski do the work.Once you start doing that I think you will see all that chatter and vibration disapear.In fact I think you will find The Axis to be a vary smooth and sliky ride.
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Utah, you're exactly right. I typically weight the front of the ski waaaaay too much. It probably comes from years of bump skiing where we all know that if you get in the back seat, you're dead. I've taken that to the other extreme and am usually too far forward.

I notice this most of the time on hardpack because my tails wash out. It's even more exaggerated when I turn right than left (no idea why).

I never thought it could contribute to a lack of proper vibration absorption. All the more reason to be centered! Thanks.

What's sad is that my first time demoing these skis, my FIRST thought was "sweet! you just roll it on edge and it makes a perfect, round turn!" Unfortunately, I've gone back to my old straight-ski style recently and forgot the right way to turn these new boards.

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