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Heavier Skier ....RTM 80's?

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I was doing research on different skis and stumbled on this site. It's loaded with information and I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their different views on skiing. It's definitely a useful resource. 



I've been skiing for around 6 years now and am an intermediate skier. I can go down blues with ease but am still working on the blacks. I primarily stay on the runs, groomed or not, and like speed, but also need to carve on the terrain. I don't go into the rocks or do moguls. I've been getting by with hand me down skis which have worked great, but with this season wrapping up soon, I'm looking to take advantage of the deals and buy a new pair for myself.


I've read all sorts of reviews online but am having a tough time differentiating between the different skis for my style. I'm also a bigger guy (5'10 245) but athletic (former college football player) and unfortunately, since I'm in grad school, money is a factor as well. 



The big problem I'm having is sorting through all the reviews and postings for what fits me. It seems like most of the reviews are by guys who are very advanced and around 180 pounds, so I can't tell if the pros/cons that they list would really impact someone like me. How would that same ski carve with an extra 60 pounds on it? 



I've looked through several different pairs and the one I'm leaning towards is the Volkl RTM 80. In your guys' experience, is that a ski that would be too much for me? I've read some reviews saying it's best on the East coast due to their powder (I'm in CA and have no idea what that means). I've seen some deals for around $650 for them and that's pushing my budget, but if it's a good pair that'll last me a while I'll find a way to make it work. 




What do you guys think about those and do you have any other kinds you'd suggest?




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Welcome to the board SeanT.  


I'm above average at 6'4" and 210lbs and after a couple of demo runs I found the high 170s RTM80 (176 if I remember correctly) to be just fine on the groomers at any reasonable speeds.  Plenty of grip, and far more playful than the stiff Volkls of old.  If it were me buying I would perhaps look at the next size up.  They're laid up with a continuous slight rocker by design - an unusual, very slight negative camber profile - which meant they felt a little shorter than their stated length (but only a little, and particularly in the transition phase of the turn).  Then again I might also look at a similar sized RTM84 - a slightly more stout ski to cope better with my size as the speeds picked up.


Still, for my money, given where you're at with your skiing, and coming off hand-me-down skis (which could be anything, as you don't provide that info) I would be looking at the following:


  1. make sure you have your boots dialled for your feet; if that's not the case your prime mission is to get that done - properly fitting boots are essential;
  2. demo a few pairs of skis (if you can get the chance) to determine which you like (and why);
  3. come back here and discuss your exploits (we love that sort of thing);
  4. decide on the right category of skis for you, identify a few pair that fit in that space; and
  5. wait for a deal on a great pair that is slightly used, buy at the end-of-season sales, or get in touch with the expert store staff who regularly post on this forum and get yourself sorted with a great pair of 2011 or 2012 skis (or even this year's demos) ... the savings are huge, and you should be able to do far better than $650 for a first pair of skis.


Heck, I just wandered over to the Gear Swap and Sale board and three minutes of browsing drags up the following:


Elan 777 184cm (flat ski, no binding, new in wrapper) for $120.  Not a real piste ripper (wider turning radius) but a terrific ski.

Kastle LX92 with a handful of days on them and still pristine for $490 [edit - add another $125 for the bindings].  A great all rounder, but a bit wide for a groomer ski.  If I lived over there I would already have bought these.

Head Peak 84, 180cm, skied a few days but minty, for $350.  Great all rounder.


I'm not trying to tell you what skis to buy, just trying to point out the price points you can be aiming at whilst still ending up with a fantastic, minty pair of skis.  In fact, you could just just buy the Heads and be perfectly happy.  It's a buyer's market for the most part.


Best of luck.

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Thanks for the advice. I own my own boots and am very happy with those. Just looking for some skis.


I'll definitely keep an eye on the swap section. I noticed a pair of RTM 84's that were sold for pretty cheap last week....guess I'm a week too late for those but I'll keep checking in for a good deal. 


I appreciate your help.

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FYI.  I was also looking at these wide carvers a few weeks ago and wishing it was less expensive to ship skis down here.  Do a search for some reviews if they interest you (assuming they're still available).




Good luck, and enjoy the rest of your season.

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