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Ski Binding Question - URGENT please

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Hello all,

First post, but have been on here a lot!

I have a problem. I bought some news skis, had them fitted. I then broke my ankle without getting to use them.


I used them once so far this season, and I have a problem. I am going out again tomorrow but need some help. Please read below!


When I am standing, boots in the bindings, my left ski (ankle that I broke) is almost shimmying on top of the snow. I can rotate my ankle and turning the ski back and forth and the ski doesn't make contact with the snow properly. I can also notice this with my carving, its almost as if the ski will not make enough contact with the snow.


The other ski makes contact no problem. I then tried switching the skis to opposite feet, but again the same thing happens. (So its not the skis).


I looked at my boots, and they have little to no wear on them, and if they do its the same on each. So i am assuming its not that.


It's almost as if the ski doesnt have enough pressure pushing down and forward on it (almost like im skiing on my heel on that side)


So based on all this, I came up with the conclusion that my left ski may need to be adjusted a bit different then my right ski.

Can someone chime in? Thanks so much guys

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I have a feeling that you have an alignment issue between your knee and your ankle. This is typical when people get some sort of injury to a foot, knee, or ankle. See a skilled boot fitter for an analysis.
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Doesn't sound like something that can be solved over the internet--see specialist bootfitter as Denny says, if boots OK consider private lesson. 

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 Perhaps a name change to Ilene? Won't solve the issue, but it will make me laugh.

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It's also possible that your ankle injury affected some things (I'm assuming muscles) in the foot and ankle that just plain take some more time to heel, and their weakness won't allow you to pressure the front of your ski yet.  I had something similar, injuring a foot and ankle in a water-skiing fall a couple summers ago.  It felt almost normal by Christmas-time, but snow skiing was a different story.  There was no pain, but at the beginning of my snow ski season, the ski control I had with that leg was horrible.  It got better as the season went on and things strengthened, but wasn't until the following snow ski season that it was back to normal.  

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Went through something similar when I broke my shin playing soccer (and when it was healed the ankle and knee were mis-aligned, foot is now turn slightly outward).  Solution: Re-break it and re-set it OR....deal with it.  I dealt with it (6-1/2 in a full leg cast and 10 weeks on crutches was enough for me).


First season, was hard as strength, confidence and adjusting to the mis-alignment had to be overcome (not only in skiing but in every other sport I did).  For several seasons after that I worked on the alignment and skiing as neutral as possible.  No special boots or setting.  No one other than I know unless I show them and then they are amazed at the mis-alignment. Now, I think about it now and then, but it doesn't effect the skiing.


I think the additional work required made me ultimately a substantially better skier long term as the skill sets that I worked on, helped rapidly add to the overall skill set development.


It's actually amazing at what the body can compensate for if you really want to.


So give it a chance, develop the strength and confidence, it will take a little time but after a while you won't even notice it anymore and with the right attitude you will come out ahead of the game.

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As others have said, sounds like a canting issue, and not a "cuff canting" issue. You need to start by seeing a bootfitter to check alignment.

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