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03 k2's

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I know some of you have had your hands on the new k2's.Are there any significant changes to the axxis x line of skis, or are they sticking with what works. I have a chance to pick up a pair of axxis x for less than $400, just wondering if I should wait until the new skis come out. :
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Axis X is not changing except for a very small cosmetic change. Grab 'em for under four bills.
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Hey Bandit, what about changes to the Axis X Pro? Is it worth picking up the 02 skis for a bargain, or whould be waiting for the 03's?
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The Axis X Pro as we know it will no longer be offered next year. Rather it is being replaced by the Axis XP, which looks very similar, but in my opinion ( I got to ski the 181 a week ago), skis very differently. The XP is wider (115/78/105) and the MOD is smaller. The ski is more forgiving than the AXPro, and should be more fun for deep, soft snow. If you like to push hard and ski crud, pow and hardpack, the AXPro will be the better bet. To give you a better idea of how I feel, I have a 188 AXPro and will be holding on to it.
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Thanks Bandit, looks like I will be snagging those babies up. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Yeh thanks Bandit. I will stick to plans for the Pro in a 188 also.

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