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Goggles and helmet question?

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I am returning to skiing after a 20 year leave of absence. Question: Do most folks now wear helmets and googles? No more sunglasses? Are head injuries that common these days? Help me out, please...thanks.

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I'll leave the helmet question alone--there's a million threads you can search. I will mention that helmets provide excellent protection against chair lift safety bars, swinging shouldered skis, and tailgates.

If you ski fast or it's windy sunglasses won't work for a lot of people--at least for me I tear up (that's tear rhyming with beer--I don't tear up the slopes). If you do wear sunglasses some kind of wrap around design to cut wind and light from the side is a good idea.  I only wear goggles and prescription glacier glasses--the old fashioned kind with leather side shields, so I can't advise on sunglasses. There are certainly plenty of folks using sunglasses and some people with nothing on the eyes.

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A lot of people wear helmets and goggles (higher fraction in googles than in helmets).


Goggles are good as they keep the wind, snow and dirt out, so a bug advantage compared to sunglasses. Also might help in bad visibility.


Helmets improve safety and keep your ears and head warm, so seems a good idea. Although I pretty much never had a head accident skiing (but when not skiing, nice touch for chair lift bars, low cabin lift doors, and the occasional out of control dude that might hit you in a crowded slope.



Do some search in the forums, and see some interesting info here:



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I wear sunglasses on all but the coldest days, when I switch to goggles.


You won't find me in a helmet, but as of last season 2/3 of all skiiers, including roughly 80% of skiiers over 65 or between 10-14, and 91% of rugrats  under 10 wear helmets. That compares to 1/4 of all skiiers just ten years ago.


Stats on this stuff here:



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When you look around the lift line you will be amazed by how many people are wearing helmets nowadays - probably over 90%.  I wear a helmet obviously for protection, but also because I think it is easier than a hat.  You can hook your goggles on the helmet and they become one cohesive unit, and my head never gets cold.  I have the Smith Optics Vantage helmet and I/O goggles.  They are great and I highly recommend Smith Optics products.  

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I tried sunglasses once, doesn't keep the wind out when get up to speed, since I wear contacts it could be catastrophic if the lens shift/fall from wind/tear.

A helmet will be the warmest hat you'll ever find.
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I'm with the poster above me, I wear contacts so goggles are a must. The strap/buckle on the back of helmets make them very much compatible with goggles. The added warmth is just a bonus.

And at my home slope I do think helmets are now the majority.
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I started using a helmet for the first time this year and I must say I wish I had earlier. Mainly because of the warmth issue and the ease of keeping goggles attached. Plus I have the headphone inserts which are just awesome!
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I didn't wear a helmet today. I wore one yesterday. I wear goggles 96.7843% of the time and bust out the sun glasses for the remainder.

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Originally Posted by Kardinal View Post

Mainly because of the warmth issue and the ease of keeping goggles attached. 

That's true! Specially if you combine goggles and helmet from the same brand like smith or poc or any other that happen to have both!


I also wear a helmet and goggles mostly 100% of the time, the only day I don't wear helmet and goggle is the last spring day in the resort where I go with my beach shorts, my Bob Marley short sleeve tee and sunglasses! biggrin.gif

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