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Beginner ski's advise

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I have just returned to skiing after over 20 years away.  We skied a lot when I was a tween and teen but despite that I do not recall advancing beyond a very cautious experienced beginner-early intermediate, sticking to easy blues and regular greens...I don't like going fast and don't like very steep.  I have skied 3 times this season, rented 2x and then bought a set of skies which seemed similar to the rental ones I liked, but I hate them, just can't turn well, and it feels like the skiis want me to put pressure on the back end, more than I like to, I seem to naturally put more pressure on the front, so when I try to turn my tips in the front aren't moving with me, they seem to be stuck in the snow.  When I consciously put more weight on my heels they respond better, but I find it uncomfortable and hard to keep balance that way.  Maybe because I learned to ski so long ago on old style long skiis?  After the two sets of demos I used (both different brands) my knees were ok, but after skiing a few hours in my new skiis I could barely walk as my knees were virtually crippled.  The demos are all more advanced than what I am looking at, so am having to buy without demoing, and I can live with buying a second set, but don't want to do more than that, so am hoping for some advise.


I am 130 lbs and 5'2" and skiing on West Coast groomed hills (Whistler).  I doubt I will every ski off-piste.


I bought the Rosi Temptation 76 in a 146 length

The rentals I liked were the Rosi Avenger 74's in 146 (I guess this is not a retail ski, only a rental one? I tried to buy from the rental shop but they said they won't sell those??)

I am looking at the K2 Supersmooth which the reviews say are very easy to use. 

Any recommendations from any of you ladies who have tried entry level skiis?  Especially those of you coming back after a time away?  I am wondering if long skiis or skiinier skis might be better, these Temptation 76s seem to have a very wide tip at the front, and the tip seems very close to me....

Thanks for your ideas and tips!!

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Most of the ski companies have a ski finder where you can input your weight, etc to find a ski.

Here is Volkl


Skis have changed a lot in the last 20 years...all for the better.

You need new skis and some lessons to get you going in the new style.

My wife skis Volkl Attivas which are now known as Volkl Essenzas and loves them.

These would probably work just fine for you.


Boots are more important than skis.

Tell us about yours.....

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Thanks for the tip on the Volki.  The first rental I had this season was a volki, not sure which one, and it was ok.

I am using Dalbello Mantis 10, which has an 85 flex.  I found it hard to keep my heel down in them so went to the bootfitter and he added a bit of a wedge under the heel last week, but I haven't skiid since (knees still recovering).  The two weeks prior in varying rental boots which did not fit as well (one pr way too big and one pair too small) I was able to control the skiis better, so I am thinking the skiis are an issue too.  I like the stiffness, one of the rentals I tried was very soft with a 55 flex and I really hated that, it seemed a lot of work to push where I wanted to.

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The temptation is the women equiv of the experience, which is the heir of the avenger series. A lot of intermediate folks like the experience seventy something and as you said you liked the Avenge I'm puzzled as why the ski you bought is giving you problems. Most rental shops (or shops that do demo) will sell their skis in the end of the season. Good chance to score a maybe not so beaten up used ski.


I had a good time in some intermediate Experience from a year ago more or less. It was easy to ski and predictable.


Are the knees the only part sore? Sometimes when people brake too much all that vibration transmitted cause the external lateral of the thighs to hurt. Also is there anything else that was different between your ride in the avenger and in the temptation?


So I would say that before giving up maybe insist a but with your current ski, maybe take a class or use some experienced friend to observe you and give some feedback?



I know that when I just bought my ski I thought it was excellent, then good, then bad, then good at some conditions, then bad, then good again. But the truth probably is that I got used to it and I'm a better skier now that I spent some days with it.

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Thanks Icecookie for the ideas. Yes, there were lots of differences between the two days on different skiis so it could be those differences--different ski mountain, with more powdery conditions on less groomed terrain, but an easier less steep environment to compensate. But since then I've had to send hubby off skiing without me twice now as I am still recuperating for my knee, I am afraid to risk the rest of the season by experimenting. As for classes, I took an all day one a few weeks ago and have another scheduled early march.

So for the skiis, Yesterday i picked up on clearance some k2 super smooths for very very cheap on clearance but i didn't have the bindings put on so they said I can return if I decide to or if I decide to keep just bring in and they'll mount bindings. For the same price is a temptation 74. I see the bindings sit farther back on the k2 and the shape is different, and thinner 72 vs 74.
Has anyone my used both these and could give some feedback?
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When you bought the boots, did the shop do a shell fit(remove the liner and you put your foot in just the shell)?  It really sounds like your boots may be too big.  I don't think putting a wedge in the heel is the correct way to fix a too big boot.

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No the shop I purchased at did not do a great job with the fitting, but I have been to a reputable boot fitter since with my boots, after my first day with them on the hill, and he did all that and said the boots should be fine. If I continue to have problems I will go see him again.
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