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Logit or Fraud?

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So I was looking for a pair of skis and came across this site Aspen Ski and Board Co


I am not sure if this a scam or not becuase the deals online are very good, such as having a pair of 2013 rossi s3's for $455, but if you make it a "package" you can get a pair of marker 2013 griffons mounted on them for only $465.


I checked the internet for reviews, and came  up with several yelp and yellow pages about it, but nothing else, I guess google maps thinks that their store in Ohio is real


So is this too good to be true? 



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I'd say the deals are good but not crazy impossible compared to what I find on the net.

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I bought a bunch of stuff from them about 5 years ago and they did an excellent job with very good prices.

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Legit!  I've bought from them and have been to the store (the physical store is pretty nice with a good selection).  I have family in Columbus, so that's what led me to the physical store.

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The price for the skis themselves seem comparable to say  


Pretty awesome deal on the packages though - if the sizes are right

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Thanks, getting Elan Amphibio 78ti, would have to call them first - too good to be true !


At least $170 less than what I found on internet!

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