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Ski rentals in Summit County

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We're headed to Summit County next week and plan to ski different resorts each day. I need some recommendations for where to rent skis. I've always just rented at rental shops at the resorts but don't want to go through the hassle of new boots and gear everyday.

We are staying in Silverthorne btw. Thanks
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I don't often rent skis in this area, but I've heard great things about this place.

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Yeah. They showed up in my search results but it was from posts a few years back.

Anyone have any experience with Wild Ernest or Christys?
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Done Christy in Dillon and elsewhere and i recommend them.
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I've rented gear for others from both Christy in Dillon and Precision Ski in Frisco.  Both were fine, but Precision had better gear.

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Frirnds and I stopped at virgin islands and at least one other place, but moved on to Precision in Frisco, which turned out to be a good call. When you go to one of these places, pick out a pair of skis and ask to look at the bases and edges. You'll rule out two out of three rental shops this way, I predict.
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Addendum: the best Web presence does not indicate the best equipment or knowledge, inconvenient as that may be.
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Thanks for the help. I've seen good things about virgin and precision from my searches. Anyone else have any recommendations?
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Definitely Virgin Islands. Easily the best prices. I always rented the year-old demos which cost about the same as the basic skis at most of their competitors. Some can be a little beat up, but they have such an excellent selection that you're sure to find something that suits you. But really, all their prices are cheaper, from basic skis to new demos. Friendly staff, too. 

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