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K2 Axis XP

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Ski Make: K2
Ski Model: '03 Axis XP w/Marker 1200 Ti Glide Bindings
Ski Length: 181-cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring; Soft Groomers, 2-3 day old powder, crud, mashed potatoes, corn, etc.
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: 8-9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 23
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-40
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 10.EX, Bandit XX, K2 AXP
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/175 lbs.
Skied this one the same day that I tried the Sugar Daddy. I do own a K2 AXP (188) from this year, so I am gauging performance of that ski. It skis very damp and sucks up the vibrations. The MOD structure on the ski is not as large as on the AX Pro and the ski feels a bit softer overall. With that being said, the XP handled speed well. It was fine on the groomed, even with a 78-mm wasit. It feels slower edge to edge than the AX Pro, but it takes less energy and effort to turn. In the ungroomed, it was truly in its element. It smoothed out everything. I skied it in the bumps, where its performance was only average, perhaps due to the damp nature of the ski. Overall, it felt like a slightly beefier and more nimble AK Launcher. I thought that it would destroy my AX Pro's, but it doesn't feel like it has as much horsepower, so to speak. For softer snow, it comes close to a do-it-all board. However, an Axis X or Pro would be better form someone who spends a lot of time on the groomed.
I don't know if it will be the hit that the Axis X and Pro were with the masses. K2 is taking a gamble, as it replaces the AXP, which will no longer be offered. Oh, yeah, it is made no longer than a 188, although the 181 I skied was just fine.
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nice review, BMan

would you ditch your MXP's for the new '03 AXP?
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I have been wondering about this ski as I was thinking about a bandit xx or xxx for powder days,if this one ski would cover those two & my axp I might change skis.I love my axis x pro & would not give it up unless I found the perfect do every thing ski, like thats going to happen any time soon as all skis are a compromise.
I think I'll just keep my axis x pro's
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Since I live in LA and the local hills have pretty hard packed snow, I would say no. If I lived where the goods are better, I might consider it. The XP is going to make a lot of people happy, kind of the same way the Sollie Super Mountain did. To me, the XP felt a lot like a Super Mountain, but with a bit more sidecut. The XP is defintely a more forgiving and subtle ski than I imagine it will be marketed as. That is probably a good thing for most of us, though However, I imagine that a bunch of folks will complain that it just isn't enough ski for them. Don't get me wrong, the XP is a nice stick, it is just that so many other boards are just as good. I do expect this to be a very popular ski next year.
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so, BMan, basically it will end up getting reviewed a lot like the X-Scream Series did?

"noodly, wimpy poseur ski designed for doctors and lawyers"

heh heh heh

I'm already salivating at the thought of getting a pair.
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Hmmmm. I'm looking to replace my Supermountains next year. My biggest complaint with the Supermountains is their total lack of any kick in the tail. Have you skied the Supermountains and how does the XP compare liveliness wise?
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I was talking to a local hotshot who works at Gull Ski. I said the same about the Supermountains - they lack the POP! of the X-Scream Series. I asked about the PocketRocket, and he said it's definitely softer with less rebound than the X-Scream Series. Then I said that Salomon should bring back a Supermountain-sized ski with X-Scream Series rebound & energy. Here's what he said:

"Get the 2002 Rossi Bandit XXX. That's exactly what it feels like."
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I skied this same ski at the Ski Press annual ski test at Whistler last month. Same length and bindings. It was the best ski I tested out of all of next year's boards in the All Mountain and Big Mountain (a.k.a. powder skis) categories.

I have been skiing Elan's for the last 14 years or so, most recently the MX4 Super 188cm. I will be skiing this ski next year. I've been looking for a powder ski. I might even use it every day while teaching, it's that versatile. I do think K2 should have used the new Axis XP to replace the AK Launcher instead of the Axis X Pro. From my understanding, the old Axis X Pro was like a skier-cross ski, great combination of an all mountain ski and race ski. The AK Launcher, which I also skied, didn't seem heavy enough. For the record, I'm 6'2" and maybe 170lbs.

I agree with almost everything Bandit Man said regarding the Axis XP. Very nimble, quick edge to edge, even on the groomed. At the same time it's stable and forgiving, which I feel is good for harder snow, including bumps.

With the Axis XP, K2 has almost created another category of ski. A turny (turn radius 20m or less) ski with powder ski dimensions. For the record, the dimensions are 115-78-105, and a turn radius of 20m, in the 181cm length tested. For comparison, the AK Launcher is 119-88-105, giving it a 33m radius for the 188cm length tested!

I think this ski would be in it's element in the Far West. It would both ride over the heavier Sierra powder and crud and help start and finish the turn -- very important when trying to turn in cement. Would also be great in the lighter snow of the rockies -- just enough float to keep you off the bottom. And a great sidecut for hardpack days between storms. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Mike,Thanks for comments on the new K2,and welcome to the Barking Bears.Great to see another ski pro here.IMHO this sight has some of the best in the ski industry posting I know that i have learned a lot from This place
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I like the comment about the Bandit XXX being like a Super Mountain with X-Scream energy. Now that would be the ski for me. I like Salomons but except for the X-Scream they all need more juice in the tail. I demoed the Pocket Rocket at Whistler and really noticed the soft tail. Zero pop, but otherwise a great board for surfing the springtime slush. The Bandit XXX is now at the top of my "To Demo" list.
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Which do you think is a better all around ski that can be used both in the east and west, the Axis X Pro, the Axis, the Axix X, XR, Mach S or the Axis XP? Why
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Get the Axis X Pro or the Axis X. Both are great mid fats and translate well to western skiing . The Axis X Pro as the metal in it and therefore has better edge grip for eastern ice but I skied my Axis X's in 181 all over the east and in all kind of conditions with no problem. Then I took them to Fernie and skied them all day ever day in crud, 2 foot powder, wind packed, bumps and groomers. They were great in all conditions.

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