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Hi.  First post here.  I've been skiing for about 16yrs now and in the last three or so years been venturing off the groomed slopes and onto the softer off-piste stuff and been having a whale of a time picking up new skills and exploring a whole new area of skiing.  A couple of years ago I picked up a pair of K2 Aftershocks in the sales to better suit my more all-moutian and off-piste ambitions as they got good write ups about their on and off piste performance.  I'm now spending more and more time off-piste and am wondering if I might be better off with a more off-piste orientated ski?  Something like the Volkl Gotama, or something in that sort of bracket?  I rented a similar pair in January and used them in thigh-deep fresh powder and they certainly ski'd better than the K2's in those conditions, but  felt clumsier on groomed, hard packed pistes, though I'm sure i'd get used to that.  Anyone got any suggestions of what other ski might be more suited, or shall I just stick to the K2's?  Cheers.