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fischer vacuum or die

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can I get any of the fischer vaccum boots in 24.5 or do In have to settle for mediorcre?

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lots of other options, in size 24 that ski very well, and might fit as well (or better) then the fischer..

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I must have had one too many beers last evening......that title is shameful as is the text....My apologies to all....


I decided over the past week that I want to go back to an overlap boot.  I've been skiing in a Dalbello Krypton for the past 4 or 5 seasons.  I patrol and that boot is wonderful for that application, but......the current boot has more than 200 days on needs replacement.


I went into one of the shops at Sunday River to see what was out there, at least there they had NO boots in the vacuum line that fit me.  I tried on some Heads and was actually blown away at the difference in fit....I thought my boots fit close to perfect....Oh my.  They are comfortable these days, not at all snug any longer.


So...I had my heart set on getting into the vacuum line, but the sales guy intimated fischer  doesn;t do an adult 24 ish shell.  I know there are plenty of great boots out there in my size.  I guess I better get myself to some shops and try some stuff on...

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