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Looking for new skis

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I am currently skiing on a 12 yo pair of Atomic Beta Rides (I think they are about a 78mm width?? and 186 cm length) which have served me well, but I need something new.


I live in Colorado, and ski mostly here and also at Bachelor in Oregon a few days a year when my family visits my MIL.  I'm an advanced skier, who sticks mainly to the groomed blues and will ski the blacks on occasion, but I'd like a ski that can handle not only the groomed runs, but also powder and crud and some bumps every once in a while.  I weigh in at about 240 pounds, am 6 feet 1 inch tall, and boots (I'll be getting custom fitted boots this spring, too) at about 31.5 mondo.


I am considering either an 88mm or a 98 mm width ski in a length between 179 to 181cm.  Thinking about the following:


Blizzard Magnum 8.7 or Blizzard M-Power in same width (I kind of like these skis as they also come with bindings) from 2012 (found a few new pairs on ebay), Rossignol Experience 98's or Blizzard Bonafides in same width (I've been looking for these slightly used on ebay as they would come with bindings).  Buying new Experiences AND bindings can be a bit costly, so slightly used is a viable option.


My BIL has the Blizzard Magnums (in I think a 8.3 cm width as he skis in Maine) and loves them and has been trying to convince me to buy them, too.  I have heard great reviews on these skis as well as the 8.5's this year.  With the Experience and Bonafides in 98mm width, I had a few questions.  I have heard you need to be very aggressive with these skis to get as much out of them as possible.  Since I am already 240 pounds, and since most people who review most skis are much lighter in weight and possibly a bit shorter, would my extra weight make these two skis a little easier to ski and as good a choice as the Blizzard Magnums?  I never see reviews from people of my height and weight.  I do need to loose some weight, but even if I were to lose weight, my ideal number would be right around 200-205 pounds, which is still heavier than anyone I've ever read about in a magazine who reviews skis.


I have been trying to find any local ski area or shop here (as well as in Bend, OR since I will be there the last week of March this year) that can offer the skis I'm interested in as demos, but haven't had any luck on this so far.


Any feedback?  Any other options for skis?  I don't really want to get above say 100mm width, so I'd be interested in staying between 87 - 100mm width and around 180cm length.

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This review of skis was good.


Thought it was totally accurate on my K2 Rictors which I love as did the reviewer.

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