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Fischer Race SC

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Ski Make: Fischer
Ski Model: Race SC slalom ski's
Bindings: Rossignol Axial 100 freeride
Ski Length: 160 cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Ice, packed powder
Number of Days Used: 4
Your Ability: Never been rated but love double X's (dont mean the XX-movies)
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 5
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 45-55
Other Skis You Like: K2 Mod X, Atomic 9.20 Race
Your Height/Weight: 5'8" 158 pounds
Comments: Well i love these ski's, skied them locally at Holimont one day, it was solid ice and they just cut right through it. Then i went to Killington for 3 days and skied these shorties and never touched my Mod X ski's. These ski's can really crank out short turns being that they are 115-64-97 with a 11 meter turn radius in 160 length. Now i was afraid they would'nt be stable at any kind of speed but i was wrong, they were as stable as my Atomic 9.20 Race ski's that are 180 long. Got up to about 40 to 45 mph and thats about as fast as i want to go on any ski. Killington had a foot and a half of new snow 2 days before i got there. Conditions were packed powder. I was suprised how well i could use them in the mouguls, just had to be carefull not to hook them and end up shooting back up the hill. Overall i really liked these alot, demoed next years (2003) Rossignol Slalom in 158 and thought the Fischers were much better in every condition.

Oh yea these are the 2002 model Fischers

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These skis do rip. I skied the Race SC (2002-03) with Frequency Tuning in a 165cm R12. They also skied moguls extremely well. You will want to be in shape before you give these a test ride, because they want to turn and turn.

p.s. Give the new World Cup Slalom a ride. IT is more demanding, but simply the best slalom ski out there! Bar none.
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