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03 Atomic SL:11

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Ski Make:Atomic
Ski Model: SL:11
Ski Length:150/ 164
Snow Conditions Used In:hard pack/ packed powder
Number of Days Used:2
Your Ability:ex FIS racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:18
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:100+
Other Skis You Like:Volkl P50 SC
Your Height/Weight:6'/ 180lbs
Comments: Frist off I think that it is really important to mention that I am not one of those racers who jumped on the atomic bandwagon as soon as Maier started winning. In fact I hate last years 9.16. In my opinion it was absolute garbage. I don't like to feel the innitaition (they had soft tips).

That said, I was really impressed with this ski. For next year in slalom skis Atomic went from the bottom of my list (I told my racers I didn't want to see a pair of atomic sL skis on their feet) to the top of my list.

I skied this ski in two lengths 150 and 164. Neither ski feels the same. At 150 this ski is easy to turn, effortless with lots of snap. At 164 these characteristics are still present but you have to work much harder to those feelings.

I skied both skis in course and free skiing. At 150 free skiing they were just as I described them quick and effortless with lots of snap. We had a post going about there being no meracle ski, it kind of funny because until yesterday I would have agreed with it. In the course they still felt good, but the course was heavly rutted and I had a hard time feeling how they would perform regularly.

At 164 they flet pretty good, but I found I had to work them really hard to get the same results as with the 150. The course I had set was a little beyond my abilities so I don't want to taint the resurts of my review by posting them.

Note: I ski a 163 Volkl P50 SL which I have no problems with.

All this said I did not have a chance to test these skis on ice. My big problem in years past with atomics is the hallow feel they gave when skiing on ice or icy hardpack.
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Interesting that you describe Atomics as hollow, since I've been trying to come up with a word to describe how my 912 skis feel and I think that's it.
BTW, they make a 157cm in the SL11 for next year, right?
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I've been told they have a 157 for next year. We couldn't get our hands on it though.
I think if I go for these, that is the length I'll get. 164 just didn't feel the same.
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I skied these in a 157 and like Matt said, their fun and easy with lots of snap.
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I got a pair of 157cm in Feb. Easy to ski on groomed but must stay on top in course. On steep icy sections I found to be a bit unnerving the way they hook up and accelerate (not used to short skis yet I guess). Matt, I think the edge grip is excellent on smooth ice, but your not going to match the Volkl when it gets rough and chattery. The extra weight of this Atomic is quite an improvement for racing.
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