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Can a ski be good on both bumps and ice?

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After trying a variety of skis, I find that I am looking for a ski that can best handle my personal challenge areas: bumps and ice. Can a ski do both well? I know I prefer softer skis in bumps, but on ice I know torsional stiffness is crucial. I was wondering does anyone knows of skis that are outstanding in both areas? I am a little familiar with Atomic skis and I was wondering which might be best: SX:9, C:9 or C:11? I know better technique would be most important, but I have found some skis are better than others in different conditions.
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The trick to skiing bumps and ice is to find out where they are and avoid that area. Try some fat skis off piste before you buy anything skinny.
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try the salomon scream pilot hot or the scream 8
The hot held very well on frozen hardpack and did well in the bumps
The scream 8 is a littler softer and will have a little less edge on the ice
I found the hot could handle more speed and the 8 was forgiving in the crud and bumps
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That's the answer.....avoid anything difficult.....the problem is.......most steep runs end up full of moguls.......with some ice in the morning.....
I've used skinny skis off piste for years.....nothing wrong with a challenge.....I'd rather ski them in the powder than the fat skis in the steep bumps.
Like Plake said.....I'd rather ski 2 feet of powder on a bump run than a boring bowl....
Unless you like jumping cliffs or skiing terrain so steep that if you fall you get hurt....there is no better sensible challenge than mogul skiing....especially now when so few do it well.
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I ski my 170cm C11's all over the mountain. They're great, more versatle than one might think. When it gets to deep I get out my Head Mojo's. My R11's stayed in the rack most of the winter. Part of the reason was I didn't want the tops beat up from teaching.

The C11's are a precise ski, and are fairly stiff, but with appropiate pressure control they handle the bumps just fine. Later, Ric.
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I have some Nordica SUV 12x which are good in bumps and great on ice. The problem is when the light gets flat & you can't see the bumps their stiffness really punishes you. I also have some Rossi Viper X PPS from 2 years ago that are great in bumps and adequate on ice. They aren't as stiff and are more forgiving. If I had to pick between the two for a bump/ice ski I'd go with the Rossi.

Unless you are a top notch skier I would opt for a softer carving ski for doing bumps and ice like the Rossi RPM 90, Dynastar Skicross 9 or C:9. Stiffer skis don't allow you to make mistakes in bumps.
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Volkl AX3 Great in the bumps and hold well on ice. I have even found I like them in the spring crud better then my G3's or Atomic 10.EX's

The G3 made me a better bump skier the first day on them. My shorter AX3's are even better in the bumps and have greater edge hold. I have them flat with the piston binding.
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I like my Fischer WC SC's for bumps and ice.

Not sure I'd recommend them as a learning tool for bumps though.
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Stockli Easy Rider! I believe they are now the Stormrider "lite" in that range.
Not too much shape and made for off piste, so they are good in the bumps, but they have surprisingly good edge hold on ice, provided they are not completely blunt.
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