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I am a skier from the West Coast of Canada.  I do most of my skiing at the local mountains near Vancouver, and only make it out to Whistler or the interior of BC once per year or so.  I ski most of the mountain, including bumps, groomers, and trees, though I don't go into the park much.  I don't ski a ton, but recently I've been getting up to the mountain about every other weekend.  I would say I'm getting close to where I would call myself an advanced skier.  I'm comfortable on 100% of blues, and I'm improving my technique to the point where I can ski most blacks pretty well.  I am 5'11 and about 155 pounds.


Currently I ski on a pair of hand-me-down Rossignol Cobra X's in a 167 length, but I'm definitely feeling like I'm ready to upgrade.  I'm a student right now, so I can't really break the bank on a new pair of skis, or afford to buy more than one pair; I'm hoping to find something on sale after the season is over or perhaps at a swap.  I've been looking at skis online, but I have to admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed by the variety that are available, and I'd really appreciate any advice that people here could give me.